6th Jun 2001, 23:12

I agree, I had a 305 in my 1990 and it wasn't fast enough for me, but the 350 is nice and I think that you have to have a V8 to own a fast car.

I have not driven the 3.1L, but have a hard time trying to think that a engine with so little "Umph" can move a car as large as a Camaro very fast. But one thing is for sure, at least you aren't driving 4 cylinder!!!

16th Jun 2002, 10:34

I think the 8-cylinder in my 1987 Z-28 is so sweet!! Every time I take off on a green light, I blow all the other driver off the road practically. If I were you, I would definitely get a 350 or higher. (In other words, power is life! For sure you should test drive and Camaro and see how great she handles. Go Chevy!!!

22nd Jun 2002, 04:22

I have a 1991 camaro RS right now and I love it. it only has the 3.1 L and I'm working on getting a new engine (or building one... not sure yet). you can supercharge a 4 cylinder all you want, but if you do the same work to a 350 that you would put into that 4 banger, there is not competition. bigger = better.

23rd Oct 2002, 19:07

I just bought a 1986 Camaro with a Pontiac Formula 350 Tuned Port Injection setup. I have no complaints about the car except for my $230 a month insurance bill, and I have a perfect driving record!

31st Oct 2002, 16:45

Commpression is not all that matters in a motor.

30th Dec 2002, 01:05

I have an 89 iroc z 5.7 tpi.. but if I wanted the car to go faster what will I need to install and how much would it cost?

2nd Jan 2003, 13:28

I got a 91 350 1le I would invite any civic for a run or even a pony.

3rd Jan 2003, 05:40

I have a 91 Camaro RS with a 305. I have to say the gas mileage totally sucks, but that's to be expected with a V8. While I love my car and never regret buying it, I wish I had never bought a Camaro with T-tops. Sure, they're fun on perfect sunny days, but mine leak air, water, and I dream of just a regular hardtop! As with the design of the car, 3rd Generation is the only way to go!

3rd Jan 2003, 06:18

T-tops suck. Anybody know how to stop them from leaking? I think I've tried about everything!

19th Jan 2003, 12:52

I just bought a 92 Camaro RS with the 3.1L V6. I think it's great. I get real good gas mileage and the car has a lot of pep. The best part of the car is I only paid $1000 for it and there is nothing wrong with it. The thing also handles like a dream. Unfortunately, the car is bright red so it is sure to draw attention from the local law enforcement and there unforgiving radar guns.

22nd Jan 2003, 15:56

To the person with the idea of smaller motors ruling the roads: I must agree that smaller motors make great sleepers, but they don't really get better fuel economy or weigh that much less. A 3.1 vs a 5.7 is only about 220 pounds difference, maybe at most equates to about 22HP from weight. Then when you have to max the smaller engine out so much to match the power and torque you get from more cubic inches, reliability and fuel economy really suffers. I have a '94 Caprice with a 5.7 V8 LT1 (stock with 260HP and 330 LBS torque) and I get just about the same fuel economy as many of the new V6 cars (19 city and around 24-26 highway, in a 4200 LB car!). An 8 PSI supercharger on a stock 3.1 would be great, an 8 PSI supercharger on a stock 5.7 would be awesome. Fuel economy is pretty much all in the way you drive the car especially when it comes to superchargers. It's a lot nicer to have the cubic inches to back you up without worrying if you are going to be able to drive home after you race.

4th Feb 2003, 00:06

I own a 1991 Z-28 convertible. The top leaks when it rains, and it lets all the heat out when the temp. gets below 45. I still drive it to work everyday. Sometimes when the interior is looking kind of rough, put the top down in the rain for a free cleaning.

11th Apr 2003, 08:26

I just poped in a 5.7 in my 91 RS Camaro, (it flys)

21st May 2003, 20:25

Hey a 3.1 v6 isn't bad because I have one and it is a 5 speed run great and it sounds powerful, but I would pefer a 5.7 z28 but I don't have a lot of money I could probily buy one for under 3,000 dollars.

6th Jul 2003, 12:54

I have a 91 Z-28 convertable. Its the only one with a 5-speed I know of. How many are out there. Do you know?

29th Sep 2003, 23:54

This is to the person that said that the 4 bangers are cooler than a big V8 (which only things that are cooler are a V10 and V12). And the comment on how cheap the 4 cylinders are to modify; I would like to tell that person to please see this site http://members.tripod.com/~juan_espero/engine.html and see that V8s are far better. No replacement for displacement!!! Long live American Muscle!!!

I own a 1992 Camaro Z28 with the 302 TPI V8 and 5 speed, replaced with a modified 350 LT1 V8 and 6 speed. It goes like hell! Destroys the boy racers.

8th Aug 2004, 22:59

I have a 1991 Camaro RS. It has the 5.0L 305 amd AT in it. I've been struggling to add horsepower. My friend has an 2000 Grand Prix GT, and his came stock with more HP than mine. I've got "American Muscle" that can be outran by a v6. I'm pissed. I am adding an intake and exhaust. The car is already a gas guzzler, but whatever works, I wished for a v8 after a Mustang 3.8L (that was faster than the 91) and a Camaro 2.8L (that accelerated about as good as the 91). I am at a loss. I am considering selling it and getting an IROC or Z-28. Forget the 305. The 305 is SLOW. 2001 Z-28 ate my car alive.

16th Aug 2007, 03:42

To who it may concern, I have been hustling on my Camaro RS 3.1L.

I have been changing all the possible parts that would make my car go forward, but no luck. My engine is totally cool, it used to run great, but then some parts were giving up on me, and when I press the gas pedal, it just forces itself not to move.

If you guys know anything, please let me know ASAP. It's a crisis.

Thank you.

16th Mar 2009, 20:50

When I was young, I had big block Chevy Impalas, Corvettes, Monte Carlo etc. And although they were fast, they always broke down in every way possible.

Now I have a Toyota pickup, Toyota Camry, and a Honda CRV with 328,000, 225,000, and 125,000 miles, and they NEVER break down. The motors and automatic transmissions are all original and have never needed repairs. All three can hit 100 mph and get 25 to 35 mpg. I got rid of my tools because they aren't needed anymore. I'll take reliability over speed any day because driving is more fun than repairing them. Experience counts.