9th Jun 2009, 22:14

I agree that it might be hard to get the kinds of sales #'s on new V8 Camaros to keep up a really long run on the SS's (which is the 425 hp one you mentioned), especially with dealers marking them up from 5 to 10 grand right now and GM in a state of bankruptcy (with dealerships closing, people afraid over good warranty coverage, and so on).

But at the same time, the LS & LT models (the 6 cyl's) are definitely no secretary car the way the 4 and 6 cylinder sports coupes and Berlinettas and RS's maybe were considered 20 or 25 yrs ago. The 2010 LS V6 puts out over 300 horse bone stock; that's like 15 hp shy of a (stock) 2002 Z28 SS! Granted it's not monstrously fast like the 2010 SS's, but it's respectable. 0-60's are at 5.6 to 5.7 sec's according to Motor Trend and C & D. That's no slouch, considering it's comparable 0 - 60 time to the mid- 90's 275-285 hp Z28 model.

While the new 2010 Camaro (V6 or V8) may not last forever, and no there probably won't be a new Z28 especially now under primarily government ownership, a lot of it all still depends on how well GM in general emerges from this Chapter 11. But I still don't think the glory days of Camaro are entirely behind it. But even if they technically are, this newest Camaro, the 5th generation, is the way they should go out and be remembered (IF that ends up to be the case... but it's still too early to tell).

31st Oct 2010, 18:10

The only reason it became government motors, which it isn't anymore, was because GM paid off the governments pension debt... the amount could have bought Toyota back then, and now even nearly bust, they make more than Ford does. And everyone else that knows about cars, knows these are great. I don't own one personally, but look at the other 4000 reviews on the inter web...

31st Oct 2010, 23:07

The government still owns 61% of GM, so yeah it is still Government Motors.

And what are you claiming is so great... the IROC Z? I guess if you like rattle traps that fell apart quickly, then yes they are great. These cars were junk. I knew a few people with them back when they were just a few years old, and they were just not that well built. They drove okay, but were hard as a rock, as that was the only way to get them to handle better than an Impala. Sorry, but I am educated and I have done plenty of research. There were much better choices of cars in the day... starting with the Mustang. And lo and behold, the Mustang STILL out classes and out performs the Camaro today.

1st Nov 2010, 12:38

Actually C&D got a 6.5 second 0-60 in the last test I saw for the V6 Camaro. The V6 Mustang does it in 5.4. Maybe you were thinking of that car?