10th Jun 2003, 16:33

Well 400,000+; Can't say mine has made it that far yet, but she is getting there. I have 367,000 on mine and it still purrs like a kitten. The only thing major I have replaced was the tranny because of worn out lines.

4th Mar 2004, 06:35

For one who owns a 1991 Camaro RS, I have always thought poorly of the Berlinetta, that is, until now. In light of the information regarding the length of the "life span" of the Berlinetta, I must agree to the quality of the model. It shows the quality of a chevrolet.

5th Apr 2004, 19:07

Absolutely amazing. I hope to get such longevity out of my camaro- It would be nice to keep it forever.

19th May 2004, 19:30

I have a 1980 Berlinetta. I can't find info on it. I need help. I have a buyer, but my son would like to have it, He'll be driving very soon. Please write in...

8th Aug 2004, 18:25

I was wondering if anyone knew where the line from the vacuum box by the windsheild goes, I know one goes inside to the controls and the other?? I am STUCK! But other than that, I haven't drove the car. I am 17 got it for free needed engine and transmission, I have to put that in.. Most likely this week.. its got T Tops, Iroc (3section) taillights.. instead of the 2 section.. Rear Tinted glass!

I have seen and heard of berlinetta's with ground effects and rear wind Deflectors.. Mine has neither. But, it has power windows, rear hatch, Power Windows, Rear window Defrost, Rear Drum Brakes, Double side Speedometer for MPH and KMPH?? Something like that, it has A/C.. wonder if that works.. I have read that th Berlineta had An AWESOME suspension. And its cheaper on insureance!!? Oh yea.. I am putting a Automatic in.. Turbo700 with a 1971 350 4 bbl 4 bolt main.. the car has no equip. for a standard.. I can drive a stick, but... I can care less for speed.. I like POWER.. I know I will get laughed at! At school anyway.. But I don't care.. Auto cost more than a standard!!!

I hope to hear from someone soon.. Thanks!

21st Jun 2006, 01:43

Any car can make it to 400,000 miles provided:

1. It stays away from salt, and can tolerate what little it sees.

2. It has a solid engine made to stomach low-octane gas.

3. It's purty 'n fun e'nuff to always be worth fixing.

13th Jul 2006, 04:33

If you think 400,000 is amazing, try 800,000 in a 1978 Lincoln Continental Mark V with a 460ci under the hood.

They made cars to last back then.

28th Jul 2006, 14:30

Yeah chevy's are built to run, the old ones at least. I have an 88' I-Roc only has 103k miles on it, trying to keep them low. And for the guy who posted earlier about having a 87 Berlinetta - they only produced Berlinetta til 86. :)

9th Jan 2009, 22:21

Yeah, I'm 15 and I just bought a 1982 Berlinetta. I've got a few things to do to it, but does anyone know a good hood that could go on it? I plan on putting a lot of money into it, but I need a good hood for it. And I have a lead foot, so some of the comments I'm seeing are making me very anxious to drive it for the first time. But if anyone knows a website that has a good hood for it, please let me know.

12th Jan 2009, 12:51

Most "Berlinetta's" were powered by a 115HP V6 engine, meaning even with your lead foot, it would take 13 seconds to reach 60MPH.