2nd Aug 2004, 13:16

First of all I'm a new 1989 RS Camaro owner and I am very proud to be one. I really only wanna comment on the above stupidity of the last person to comment. There is such a thing as driving an automatic better than some people. If you let off the gas just a little right before it shifts you can make a whole lot of difference. It will also be a whole lot less wear and tear on the transmission. I'm only 19, but I would also say that the camaros that Chevy came out with is my, as well as a lot of my friends, all-time favorite sports car. And dude, you can do anything you want to to any car and make it the fastest and best sports car out there. Don't be stupid and ignorant.


27th May 2006, 04:12

I don't know if my 89 camaro is a mutant or what! The only problem I have had with mine is the coolant fan wore out and I let it overheat and blew a head gasket. Also back hatch motor is bad on mine too. You can get one brand new (after-market) on-line for about 55 bucks. New 305 dropped in it and no major problems. Bad mechanic. I had to replace exhaust manifold gaskets. This car has 204,000+ miles and still walks off from Eagle Talons and new and old Mustangs even with the automatic transmission. I've owned my 89 RS for over 4 years and still I'm glad I paid 2500 cash for it. Still no transmission problems. Headliner torn from having the tops off at 120+. I want to find ABS plastic after-market headliner. Extremely fast and corners like a corvette on steroids. Makes trip twice a year from Texas to Ohio and back with no problems. Bad Maaco paint job, but I never stop getting compliments on the car, and the occasional jaw-dropping disappointment from Ford Mustang owners. What I love the most Is the way it feels to drive it on the freeway and grabbing another gear at about 90mph. These musclecars were definitely built to last. If anyone knows of a good website for headliner or has any comments feel free to e-mail me at jonny23254@yahoo.com.

1st Jul 2007, 07:56

Wow, I had a 1987 Camaro V6 and ran it into the ground. It definitely took care of me. I'm tall and I like having room that the Camaro provides. I have been driving an 89 Camaro RS for about five years now and although I have put thousands into it since originally purchasing it for 3,500, I still love to drive it and look forward to putting thousands more into it to make it last even longer. It is definitely fun to drive.