18th Aug 2005, 17:14

I have a 3.4 V6 in my car to that has the same problem with the E.G.R. Valve causing the check engine light to come on. The Codes that are set are the solenoid 2 and 3 failure. I have a standard 5-speed in the car and the light only comes on when you are decelerating in gear. EX: Like going down a hill or slowing down for a stoplight or sign. So to bypass the problem anytime I have to slow down I just put my car in neutral. The problem is my gas mileage is only 19mpg. I don't drive the car hard or anything. It used to get around 26-28mpg. I have replaced the E.G.R. Vale with a new one. NO LUCK! If have any help PLEASE e-mail me at bisquit69@sbcglobal.net. THANKS.

16th Dec 2008, 14:55

> The problem is my gas mileage is only 19mpg.

Besides a tune-up, you should take a close look at the exhaust system as the CAT could be clogged. Also the oxygen sensor (s).

14th Sep 2015, 23:07

First off, I wanted to comment on your mentioning how you put it in neutral or you're forced to put it in neutral, when in fact to ensure the integrity of your transmission, you should always put your car in neutral when you expect to come to a stop. For example: you are pulling off of the freeway and the ramp leads down to a stoplight, you should put it in neutral as you are getting off the freeway.

As far as the check engine light coming on, I wouldn't stress on it too much, but I do agree with the comment after mine about checking out your exhaust as well as the oxygen sensors by an OBD to scan tool, one of quality, and watch it in the live mode which will show you your short and long-term fuel, as well as oxygen sensor readings.

19th Sep 2015, 09:21

What's wrong with just pushing in the clutch? I don't coast in neutral in cars or motorcycles. If there is an emergency, you can always power out if someone doesn't stop behind you or cuts you off. With neutral you have lost control of the vehicle. I come to a near stop and push in the clutch. Get your car serviced vs driving in this manner.