19th May 2004, 10:49

I don't understand why you are blaming gm for your mistake. You shouldn't have taken it to the dealer to be fixed in the first place. It was your mistake so why are you blaming them for it?

20th Aug 2004, 18:00

I have a 2000 camaro v-6 automatic with 78,000 miles I recently developed a oil leak, other than that my car has been old faithful to me. my security light has been coming on, don't know why, been meaning to get it looked at but have not had the time. Anyone know why this might be coming on???????

1st Dec 2005, 22:38

I have an 01 v-6 5 speed, and I've had two clutch problems, once when the slave and master cylinder failed, and again with a cracked pressue plate from gm not installing it right.I've also had some problems with my alternator amd power windows and 122 volt outlets stopped working. Due to this I now happily enjoy my new DODGE.

16th Jul 2006, 07:25

I know what you mean, I made the mistake of buying another Camaro. A beautiful 01 Z28 Convertible. The top is about the only thing that hasn't gone wrong yet is the top!! Everyone needs to think with the right head and realize that yeah they're fast, but are one of the poorest cars on the road!! Fourty thousand miles later and the transmission and rear end are shot. The motor is OK, but is already using oil. I've been working on cars a long time so I know things on the motor to check, PCV valve, cat, lots of different things, but everything's OK. Even GM couldn't find what was making it use oil. Enough on that or I'll go on forever. Most everyone here who has a little bit of common sense will agree that the best fix/solution for a camaro is to burn it, wreck it, or sell it. Whichever one will get it away from you fastest!! Rich.

31st Jul 2006, 02:24

I think you probably are misunderstanding the point of this review. It is often allowed to have your car *serviced* by a non-authorised dealer, as long as this is a qualified auto repair shop (many auto makers accepts this). As I understand the reviewer the PB thought the car needed a tune up, and not a warranty repair. When the check engine comes up, usually the car simply needs servicing, that's my experience. Please read the review more carefully before you comment it!