1998 Chevrolet Camaro Z-28 LS-1 from North America


Excellent durability given high mileage and abuse


Rotors constantly warped. After GM turned and replaced rotors as they felt fit, I replaced with cross drilled rotors, not to race, but to prevent warpage.

Pinion seal leak. Fixed twice at dealer, still leaks. Dealer replaced stock differential finally, made a mistake and replaced with the high performance differential, since it was an option I did not complain. The differential is making odd noises now, figure it is low fluid.

Power steering fluid is on low, no leaks noticed, have not diagnosed this.

Crap Goodyear tires made me wipe out a few times, replaced with Michelin Pilot Sport, night and day difference.

Drivers side mirror shakes since it was replaced by dealer, it was initially replaced as it stopped working (power mirror)

Replaced battery.

Belts squeal badly in high humidity.

I went camping and since this time, seem to have the "dead body" look. This is seen normally on older Camaros where the back sits so much lower than the front - as if you had a dead body in the trunk.

Dealer oil change produced a garage full of oil since they did not tighten the filter.

Something went wrong behind the radio with a connection to the headlights. The battery went dead, the headlight switch melted itself. It was night and I had no lights. I figured the part that was behind the radio was the auto-sensor (detects if it is dark out) which shorted somehow the headlight switch, once this melted, the whole car was without lights. No fuses blew though! Replaced under warranty, no problem since.

I forgot to lock down T-Roof, a $600 mistake.

Both front calipers have seized, replaced.

Front pads replaced twice.

General Comments:

All in all a good car. It still drives like it is brand new. Pending the constant rotor and rear differential problems. As with any GM cars, replacing with OEM equipment just leads to the same problems over, I suggest upgrading to racing equipment.

I drive this car year round, on winter tires and rims, have slid off the road and been winched out by tow trucks twice. The body still has no rust, and the car is no worse for wear having been thrown off the road in ice. With winter tires on, I have no problems driving around in most conditions, the icy days get me still.

I have high mileage on the car, and for that, I figure I have gotten a lot of mileage out of the car. The main problem has always been with the dealer. One charging me $1000+ for a new roof, another one (Pontiac) charged me $500 (+ taxes), it was easy to install myself. Dealers do make a big difference!

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Review Date: 10th July, 2003

16th Jul 2003, 21:10

Most of your problems are isolated incidents, I drive my LS1 like I stole it, and at all times I have at LEAST one pedal on the floor be it the gas clutch or brake. I have had no problems with my brakes, and as far as losing one of the t-tops, that's your own fault. I can understand complaining about the melted switch, but it's a 5 year old daily driver that's been ditched twice what can you expect. As far as I'm concerned American muscle is the ONLY way to go.

1998 Chevrolet Camaro V6 from North America


Nice when running, but high cost repairs will be on the way


T-Tops started to leak under 10K miles. Dealer covered (however they claimed it would always be a problem on T-Tops eventually).

"Check Engine" Light came on about 24K miles. Car would barely run as soon as this light came on. I took it to Pep Boys, as they were around the corner. They stated that it needed a tuneup. I advised the car was under warranty and to let me know if any problem they found should be taken to the dealer (my mistake!). One thing leads to another, and over 1000 dollars later I have my car back from Pep Boys. Next day the check engine light comes back on again, although no drive problems this time. I took it to the Dealer who said they could not cover it under warranty because someone else had touched it (Pep Boys). Took it back to PB, they could reset the computer to make the light go out, but couldn't make it stop randomly coming on. So, I have been living with random check engine light since 24K miles.

36K miles - while driving, the shifting became more and more difficult. Could barely force it into First to get out of the street to a parking lot. Got it towed to a shop. Clutch, Transmission parts, seals, etc. and $1300 later my car is running again.

General Comments:

GM has lost a customer for life because they would not cover or even partially cover my warranty, even though I mistakenly took it elsewhere first to get fixed.

The car rides nicely, although after the first year it is rather bumpy. Passenger floor/seating is very uncomfortable due to the bulky floor on the passenger side.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2003

16th Jul 2003, 21:15

How can you blame GM because you took it to someone else, and paid them to fix your under-warranty. So basically what happened is you car broke, Pep Boys fixed it wrong, and you want GM to fix Pep Boys mistake for free. HA.

10th May 2004, 18:36

I have a 98 Camaro, that has been recked, and still runs like a dream, no leaks on the t-tops, original engine and transmission, and drives smooth as can be.