12th Oct 2003, 14:52

I drive a 2001 Pontiac Trans Am WS6 with the LS1 V8. The odometer just rolled 40,000 miles and this car continues to shine like a diamond. I drive it like my right foot is glued to the floor, and the engine still performs like a brand new machine. I bought it brand new with 400 miles on the clock, and have never had any problems with it whatsoever... not even the common rear end pinion seal leak. I can't stress enough how dependable this car is, it puts everything else I've owned to utter shame. I attend the local F-body gatherings on Friday night as often as I can, and there are a couple high mileage (80-100k) LS1s that also attend. These cars are driven very hard, and are equipped with superchargers to boot. Aside from the common shortcomings (brake rotors warping and squeaky pulleys) these engines run like champs. I'd go as far as saying the LS1 is one of the most durable and dependable engines that the General has ever produced.

6th Jun 2004, 02:31

Update to this car. Just replaced the automatic transmission (160,000KMs), no forward gears.

Another new set of tires, some Firestone SZ50 (had these too at one point) replacements (Discontinued the SZ50s, now these http://www.thefuzionzone.com/ made by Firestone, but VERY cheap to buy).

Still happy, cross drilled rotors holding up very well.

Replaced rear pads (normal wear).

22nd Aug 2004, 01:22

My 98 Camaro SS is driven year round in Canada, 160KM.

Many problems; cruise control no longer works, air conditioning no longer works, GM rotors warped - do not get them machined ever, waste of time and money - just replace and note the lug nut torque described in a previous post.

Front sway bar bracket bolts came loose; there was only one bolt holding to the frame on the one side, which caused significant cracks in the frame rail.

Codes are forever coming on for the engine - EGR, O2 sensors, cat. Having problems tracking down the problem(s) causing those.

Clutch needs replacement, but that's understandable considering how I launch it sometimes.

The worst problem and most concerning is the steering, with those wide front tires, the thing is all over the road. I just replaced the tie rod ends and got a wheel alignment, but it is still is all over the road. It will change lanes on you in a heartbeat if you're not paying attention.

Steering pump whines loudly too - has fluid.

All that said, still love the car - it's a blast to drive.