12th Nov 2007, 08:08

I just bought a 1994 Lt1 Camaro. with 137K miles SMoked those tires so good and they were 285's R17's.

All it had was a Jet Computer Addon. It blew the tranny first Week I bought it. big deal. when I bought it, It was starting to slip. Engine still runs strong. I blew away a Few Stangs Before I killed the Tranny.

I prefer Lt1 over Ls1. And Btw It never overheated Once.

If Your heads are cracked. Put some boiler Sealer In that motor and it will seal the Leak ;) Every Mechanic does that and charges you for a Used head.

12th Jul 2008, 02:50

I love my 1994 CAMARO Z28. It has 153 k miles and it still is able beat down a lot of domestic and import cars, but it did need a lot of repairing.. But when it's done it's one of the most fun sports cars to drive in...

11th Oct 2010, 16:31

I get 8.6 liter/ 100 kms with my 1994 LT1, I have 385,000.00 km on it / 4 speed automatic. Very easy to smoke the tires / also it gets hot if I idle around, because the fans only turn on after 225 deg f. Factory setting. As soon as I drive above 60 km/h, it cools down to operating temp, radiator needs air flow. Get a fan switch if you get hot in traffic...

3rd Jun 2016, 08:26

What size were the tires? 285-?-r17

4th Jun 2016, 02:27

You're the first person I have ever heard that likes a LT1 over an LS1. I had both in Corvettes. I now have a LS3 today. Far superior.

4th Jun 2016, 20:52

I would take an LT1 any day. Way cheaper to build up and more reliable for 95-96.

5th Jun 2016, 10:49

I feel the reverse - the LS is bulletproof. And I feel the newer Camaro and Corvettes are blisteringly fast. The only added maintenance is frequent tire changes. How much HP do you need? 0-60 in under 4 seconds stock is sufficient for me. I recall engine leaks and electrical issues with my Corvette with the LT-1. Not a Camaro, but we are reviewing the engines. I am not not knocking GM as I own 5 of them. 4 are Artic white and one is 10/10 classic white; a very interesting looking group!

6th Jun 2016, 18:25

The LS engines 1998 up are becoming a very popular engine install in many older classics.