1975 Chevrolet Caprice Estate Wagon 400 sb from North America


A "Sport Utility" with some style..


Nothing to speak of was wrong with this car. Performed a full fluid service, and a complete tune-up. Put a new clutch fan on it... These station wagons were tough customers. The 400 small block with the Q-jet is extremely powerful.

General Comments:

As mentioned... A very tough utility vehicle. The clamshell tailgate is charming. The woodgrain is very period of the 1970's.

Car starts up quick and runs perfect ALL the time. I am amazed at how strong and hard this car pulls. Matched to a TH400 transmission, it's no wonder the family wagon pulled the trailer or the boat, or probably both at times...

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Review Date: 10th December, 2010

11th Dec 2010, 16:01

These wagons are extremely collectible nowadays if in good condition. Take good care of it, it is worth a few thousand at least.

4th Feb 2013, 12:56

I sadly had to sell it about a year ago. Got almost $8000 though.

6th Feb 2013, 14:56

Wagons such as this were so much more attractive and better handling than SUVs. I have never understood why SUVs and mini-vans became the vehicles of choice for so many people. The big wagons did everything a van or SUV can do, and did it with far more style.