1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic CL 5.0 V8 from North America


Still a great car to add to the Impala/Caprice legacy


Only had to put a full charge on the battery. This car is every bit as dependable and trouble-free as it's predecessors. Chevrolet really got it right with the small-block V-8 drivetrains... The car is a dream to own and drive.

General Comments:

It only has 54,000 original miles. It has lived a pampered life in a heated garage. Sure there are horrible examples out there of this model year. Beat into the ground as service vehicles, most of them. Very tough and reliable. Especially considering what lean times the Auto industry was experiencing in the 80's.

The car rides and drives like a cloud. All the mechanical features work effortlessly. Interiors are not as plush as say Cadillac. Lincoln, Chrysler. But even as Caprice, Chevrolet was marketed towards the "working man". Still feels like you're sitting on your sofa though.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2010

12th Dec 2010, 01:05

These cars are great, I have had a few Caprices and Impalas back in the day. The working man's Cadillac is the best way to describe this car; it offers the luxuries and comfort of a full size rear drive sedan at a modest price. They were so simple to fix, wish they still made cars like this.

1983 Chevrolet Caprice Classic 305 C.I.D from North America


Most reliable car ever


I previously owned a 1987 Caprice ex Police vehicle with a 350 engine, 400 trans, and a posi rear end. That was my first car; it never let me down. I had rebuilt the carburetor, and even at its worst it never left me anywhere.

It got impounded last year and was too much to retrieve. I loved that car, so I found me another; it's older and it's a 305, but I love these boats.

I previously got into an accident with my 87; totaled a Honda that ran a light, only damage I sustained was a slight bend in the bumper and scratches. This car is an insurance policy on its own.

With my new Caprice not much has gone wrong. With this car the previous owner had 24in rims and the lugs weren't long enough, the rim came loose and took out the driver side fender. And the prior owner to him was an old couple that took really good care of the car.

It was sitting for three years, All I had to replace on this car drive was brakes and rotors at 172,800 miles. It idles a little rough, but only once in a while; for the most part it runs like a champ.

My family loves this car and I am looking forward to this vehicle being with me for years to come. GM needs to make a new line of the Caprice or Impala, I am tired of these front wheel drive V6 hunks of junk.

General Comments:

Most dependable car I have ever owned.

A lot of power for a 305C.I.D and three speed transmission.

Soon I may have to oil the rear end.

All chrome still shining bright.

Paint is a little faded on the roof, trunk, and hood, but it isn't that bad; a little wax and she's good to go.

Of course the dash is cracked and the headliner is held up with thumb tacks

One problem; my rear lights keep shorting out. I haven't figured it out yet.

Also the most comfortable car I have ever had, no problem with road trips in this car.

Only downside to this car in my eyes is the left and right rear view mirrors are a bit small for a car of this size.

I would suggest wider tires from stock, you can definitely feel the difference in the handling.

In short, it floats like a Cadillac and stings like a Beemer.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2008