1990 Chevrolet Caprice Classic Brougham 5.0 305 V8 from North America


Best car I've ever owned - the Caprice is a classic!


I bought the car used. The previous owner had maintained it well. The car had 180000 km, so a few things had been replaced for maintenance. Radiator was upgraded to triple core aluminum. Original muffler was rusted out, so it was replaced and upgraded with after market exhaust.

Nothing has gone wrong with this car; it's reliable, excellent for long trips, easy to drive, more comfortable than anything on the market today too!

The Chevy 305 engine in the Caprice is used in taxi's, trucks, cargo vans and commercial vehicles for years. It's known for reliability. Low maintenance, easy and cheap to fix.

Just change the oil once in a while and put gasoline in it. The way a car was meant to be!

General Comments:

BEST CAR EVER! I've owned about a dozen or more vehicles, and this is the best car. I'm going to buy a second one just because I love these Caprices so much.

Buy one if you can find one, you won't regret it.

The most luxurious, comfortable ride that you can find.

They don't make cars like this anymore. The rear wheel drive V-8 is lots of fun and easy to drive. Plenty of power and made for the highway; floats like a cloud.

Very safe car, has a real frame, not unibody.

These days all the cars are so bland in design, this car is beautiful my modern standards. Real chrome bumpers, landau top, emblems, details, luxury interior. People are always impressed when they ride in this car; it feels luxurious by today's standards.

Chevy reliability at its best, and luxury to boot.

I give it top marks in all categories, it's my favorite vehicle to date, I'll always love my Caprice.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2010

18th Sep 2010, 09:31

Excellent review - you hit all the high points of full-sized American sedan ownership. And even the low point - fuel economy - isn't that low. 20 mpg should be possible with one of these. So many of us miss these cars very much.

18th Sep 2010, 15:44

Add me to the list. It is sad to see the full-size American sedan all but gone. I have a 2005 Park Avenue, and just love the way it floats like a '70's land yacht. Since Detroit has all but given up on the full-size sedan with split bench seat and boulevard ride, not to mention some appealing style, I will probably have to move to an SUV when I trade my Buick.

19th Sep 2010, 13:43

To 18th Sep 2010, 15:44:

You can still buy a Mercury Grand Marquis. I'm not a big fan of Ford, but amazingly, they still make a real car in 2010. Not for much longer, I guess, but for the moment they do. Even if they quit next year, they'll have kept the faith for 14 years longer than GM!

19th Oct 2010, 01:00

The fuel economy isn't too bad with the 305 V-8. You can get 28 mpg on the highway if the engine is tuned up.

Considering many newer cars, trucks and SUVS get similar gas mileage, you are almost better off getting an older car for cheap. You'll pay a tiny bit extra for gasoline, but you won't have huge car payments to make and expensive computer breakdowns.

25th Nov 2014, 19:01

Boy, is this ever the truth!

Fortunately, a few good designs remained through

the early days of Federal-mobiles. The fortunate

ones grab the rapidly-disappearing good ones.

26th Nov 2014, 15:53

The 1990 models have those door-mounted seat belts; a good reason to look for a 1989 or older.

26th Nov 2014, 22:19

I owned a 1988 Caprice Brougham with the 4-barrel carbureted 305, and I achieved 30 MPG on highway trips. The car had a 25 gallon tank and I cruise all day on a tank of gas. A great car that I mistakenly traded in on a 93 Grand Caravan.

1990 Chevrolet Caprice cccclassic 5 liter from North America




New raditor at 110,000miles.Brakes at 85,000 and at 145,000. wind shield washer pump at 165,000.

General Comments:

Fantastic car. Very reliable, plenty of power, smooth wide very stable ride. plenty if visibility very comfortable roomy interior. All general systems, electrical, ect very good. Transmission and engine still strong, body did get some rust probably due to not washing and waxing enough. Highly recommended car even good gas mileage up to 25mpg if driven correctly on highway.

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Review Date: 16th August, 2004