30th Sep 2001, 00:19

I, too, have the honors of owning a '78 Chevy Caprice Classic. I bought it assuming it would make it through the summer. That was five years ago. I have not done a thing to it other than put brakes, tires, change the oil on occasion, and put new shocks on it. I originally paid $300 for the car, and have bought my wife four newer cars since my purchase. Before this purchase, I wasn't a big fan of Chevrolet. This was an eye-opener.

1st Dec 2001, 03:29

I currently own a '78 4-door sedan Caprice, and having read your review, mine should be just about broken in now!

(199500 km = 123990 miles). An inspiration to Caprice (and Impala) owners, and a testament to the marque.

27th Feb 2002, 20:02

WOW! OVER 700k MILES! I am seriously impressed. I sure hope my car makes it to 700K miles. I've got a '76 Monte Carlo that is very dependable (see my review under Chevrolet Monte Carlo). My grandmother just gave my dad her 4 door '78 Caprice Classic and it still has only 63,000+ on the odometer. I wish the best for you and your Caprice and hope it makes the 1 million mile mark.

7th Aug 2002, 02:43

I am the happy owner of a 1978 Caprice Classic in Denmark. It has had only 2 owners (me included) and after nearly 25 years only 90.000 miles. Added dual exhausts and new pneumatic pluming to the rear suspension. The beauty is 100% original. Only problem is front left window post corrosion under the vinyl covering.

13th Dec 2002, 16:41

I was the proud owner of a 1977 Chevy Caprice Classic, but it was a 2 door model. It looks like I'll be getting the car back soon and I'm looking for other Chevy enthusiasts to share ideas and experiences with. I made the mistake of selling to my ex-husband and he has realized that he doesn't have time to work on it so he's giving it back to me. I had this car for 4 years before I sold it and it was the most heart-wrenching thing I've ever done. A lot of folks don't think I should restore it, but how can you argue with destiny?? Anyone with any ideas is welcome to share!! All ideas are greatly appreciated!!



24th Apr 2003, 14:50

I love my 78 chevy I am 21 years old and my grandma used to drive me around in the car when I was a child. That's chevy for you a tradition of quality. Almost like driving one of the family. Good luck with cherry, I've got 78000 on mine keep it going!


19th Oct 2003, 10:24

I have a 1988 Caprice Classic. It's fully loaded with all options. It has 318,000 km on it (approx 200,000 miles). It's been a great car. All the power options still work and are original. Seats/windows/doorlocks. The AC is still ice cold from the factory, I've never had it maintainanced. I would buy another Caprice in a Heartbeat (pun there).


24th Jul 2004, 01:50

I also own a 78 caprice classic-light tan half top and paint-4 door. I bought the caprice in august of 2001 at a small local owned dealership as is. Have had the normal changes with hoses, brakes, fluids, tires, etc... The car quit on me a couple of times from me misjudging my gas hand- I quickly adjusted and put an end to that problem. The 78 caprice is a great highway cruiser and can be easily controlled in small or tight areas.

30th Oct 2008, 09:47

I have owned a 78 Caprice Classic and it has been through harsh Illinois winters and summers, but my Chevy has always been reliable, it has all of my respect. Thank You.

18th Jun 2011, 21:36

I own a 1978 Caprice Classic with less than 70,000 original miles. From your review I'm sure this car has the potential of outlasting this aging baby boomer. I recently had a paint touch up due to stone chips, other than that only the usual maintenance. I keep it garaged and only last year had it registered as an antique auto in Pennsylvania.

Way to go Chevrolet!