23rd Dec 2002, 04:33

Yes, the Mid-eastern and European market Chevrolet Caprice is basically a Holden Statesman with left-hand drive and Chevy badges. But us Canadians (O.K. North Americans :) ) will soon be able to buy this car in 2-door form (!) as the 2004 Pontiac GTO (!!!) This is basically the Holden Monaro Coupe (a 2-door Commodore) that is proving very popular in Australia. Best of all, it is V-8 and REAR wheel drive, the way it should be! But I must ask: WHY doesn't (didn't) GM sell the Rear-drive Caprice in North America? I think it would be as successful here as it is in the Mid-East and European and Australian Markets, and of course, I would buy one for sure; but I won't buy the front-drive Impala, that's just a re-styled Lumina! I'll wait for the new GTO, then; now I won't have to buy a Ford (:P) product to get V-8 and rear drive.

24th Dec 2002, 03:49


The N. American market Caprice (96 and older) is a totally different car from the Current (97 +) Caprice sold overseas; ie: Middle East, Europe etc. It's essentially a Holden Commodore with left-hand drive, and built in Australia as mentioned above. The basically same car was sold here (Canada) as the Cadillac Catera, but alas, without V8 power. GM should have sold it as a Caprice/Impala, with a V8 option. They would have sold way more cars that way. Oh well, at least the upcoming Pontiac GTO sounds like something to look forward to!

3rd Feb 2003, 14:43

Well... V-8, rear-wheel drive, 2-door car from Pontiac... I still wonder why people weren't buying Firebirds! hehe... or Chevy Camaros, anyway you want it. Jeez, why do people look for Cavaliers and Malibus?

Someone brought the Cadillac Catera on the table. It really didn't have a Cadillac personality, even though it's far from being a bad car--that's what I heard.

And talking about this sad FWD Impala of now, I think GM has a better looking car with the Lumina sold in the Middle East. Still, the Impala, assembled in Ontario, is appealing to me -- I must not eat enough veggies to say such things... If GM really wanted to bring back Impalas, well... many say they should do so with a roomy, V-8 powered, well equipped car. I'm not confident GM would sell many of them, only because the only car with such features left is not really seen on the road... there is no need, except for die-hard fans--which is not enough to justify production. How sad...

3rd May 2006, 05:36

I did have time to write them a letter he he..!! At least in those countries water is more expensive than fuel. But who cares, if the caprice comes back, I'm driving it.

3rd May 2006, 06:07

How can someone from Austria review a 1998 caprice? They only have em in Australia and Arabia...