17th Nov 2005, 22:18

I bought my 1990 caprice 3 years ago, with 16,00 miles on it, for $1500. It now has 75,000 miles on it. It is the best car I ever own. Long live the classic baby.

12th May 2006, 18:47

I am the third owner of my 1984 box chevy it runs great. I just installed a rebuild V8 350 H.O. engine with a 700R transmission which is rare to find. I also installed flow master dual exhaust. My box chevy now run and sounds like a beast. I wouldn't sell or trade it for any thing.

Jay from Jacksonville Fl.

26th Oct 2006, 22:20

I've owned three Caprices over the years, an '82, an '84, and an '89. The '82 was by far the best, even though it had a smaller V-8, something like a 265 or 267. The 84 was a bit weak. I have also owned a couple of Oldsmobile Delta 88's and slightly preferred them to be honest compared to the Caprices (I like the 307 better than the 305).

Since there are so many Caprice fans posting/reading here, I wanted to ask - every caprice I had eventually had the problem of the right front spring or shock sagging, so that the car sort of tipped over to the right. They also led to the right very slightly. They only did this above 100,000 miles. Just wondered if anyone else had this problem.

18th Mar 2007, 10:00

Well I have always been a chevy man, let me rephrase that a G.M. man, just bought a 1990 caprice classic with 78000 miles on it and was surfing the net looking for parts sources for the future, if any body has some good sources e mail me @ kaiser_willys@yahoo.com thanks in advance.

29th Mar 2007, 16:27

Can anyone give me some advice??? I want to put dual exhaust on my 85 Caprice wagon, but can't find one, who if anybody makes one?? Also how can I get some more giddy-up out of the 305 4bbl? I bought it from the original owner with only 92,000 miles on it is now creeping toward 110,000 miles.

26th Sep 2007, 09:53

Anybody know where to go to get the vinyl repaired or replaced on the caprice? I have a 1979 and the sun has done its damage on the vinyl roof. Thanks.

22nd Dec 2007, 22:39

I bought a 1987 Chevrolet Caprice Estate with 108K and a little cosmetic damage off of Ebay for $510. Great wagon and I figured a wagon was handier than sedan or coupe. It's got white paint and wood trim so I call it my big white woody. Just repaired some rear side panel rust. I love this car.