1985 Chevrolet Celebrity CL Wagon 2.8 FI HO from North America


Got my $500's worth a long time ago


Most recently the driver's side door hinges wore out and now I have to slam the door in order to close it all the way. This lead to ripping out the inside door handle from shutting the door so hard.

Before that, 4 of the power window cables broke inside the rubber boot on the lower side of the driver's side door, but connectors saved the day.

The driver's seat is split on the side and sewing it back together only lasted for a while. The seats are not the 60/40 split, they are independent, with an arm rest which swivels out of the way.

The radiator fan has been replaced 2 times in the last 2 years from burning out. I have modified the thermostat to 160 degrees F to help cool off the engine. A new radiator was put in at around 160,000 miles.

A seal in the engine failed in 1998 allowing the radiator fluid to mix with the motor oil. This was not the head gasket.

The MAF (Mass Air Flow) sensor located by the air filter was intermittent last winter, hitting it with a screw driver would help it, but a new one did wonders.

The alternator started to fail, and was rebuilt in 1998, no problems since.

The windshield wiper intermittent control arm, has not worked since 1998, so the settings are off, on, and wicked fast.

Emergency brake cable assembly has been replaced twice, most recently in 2001, after rusting in place.

At the end of the speedometer cable, in a little round dome behind the transmission is a little yellow plastic gear. once this fell apart in 2000 I didn't know how fast I was going, and the VSS (vehicle speed sensor) would make the CHECK ENGINE light turn on. A trip to the junk yard, and $5.00 yielded a newer plastic gear.

In early 2001, the metal spring clip inside the belt buckle release failed. a replacement was taken from a rear seatbelt.

The heat controls back-light bulbs burned out in the late 90's. I don't mind.

The roof liner material is sagging in the back, Burgundy thumb tacks in large numbers help keep it up.

General Comments:

This car is great! I paid $500 for it in Nov. 1996, and after installing a new rack and pinion steering unit, everything was good.

I never get over the power this car has from a dead stop, or when passing other cars on the highway. I have the Eurosport rims, and recommend the 195/75R14 tires.

Looking small from the outside, this 196 inch long wagon can move a small apartment without a problem, or carry full size sheets of plywood with the gate closed, and the front seats pushed up just a bit. 12 computer monitors have been known to ride around town in this wagon, as well as 7 friends (2 in the rear gunner position).

There are no cup holders in sight, so the center hump received a new cup holder/change holder from the local car parts store.

Sylvania Cool White headlights make this beast look like a new Mercedes. Even pointed downwards, I still get angry drivers high beaming me at night. I high beam them back, usually they back down, and send flowers to apologise.

With 11 windows (non factory moon roof) this car cools off very quickly, so I don't recommend just starting it and going in the winter.. warm it up!

20W50 oil in the summer and 10w40 in the winter. The engine runs much quieter, and smoother. Oil changes every 1,500 miles.

Aside from having to slam the driver's side door shut, everything runs great right now, and I hope it lasts for another year or two.

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Review Date: 20th January, 2002

24th Jan 2014, 12:20

Which motor was this? How many miles did you reach with this car? I have the Pontiac 6000 version and it's the 2.8 V6 carburated motor... I'm guessing you're running something else based on your comment about take off power. Great review, thanks!

1985 Chevrolet Celebrity Wagon 2.8 liter double barrel from North America


It is one of Chevrolets best cars


The spark plugs were worn out and had to be changed.

The valve cover gaskets were leaking oil so they had to be changed.

It will overheat when you let it idle for too long.

General Comments:

Don't let the word station wagon fool you, this car can fly.

The inside of the car is very nice and the seats are very comfortable.

It handles very well when going around corners.

The body of the car is a classic.

Gas mileage for this car is great for an old car.

This car is very reliable.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2001

27th Aug 2001, 23:59

Try the 85 2.8 fuel injected V-6, it's got some major balls... spins both front tires from a standing start for about 20 feet.

4th Oct 2005, 20:39

That's a good way to burn out your transmission. These cars weren't built to be driven like that!