19th Feb 2009, 20:56

I have an 88 Celebrity too. Got it in 2003 with 110K, and now it's got nearly 170K. Had a few problems, but only one that I don't know how to fix... which is the horn radio and dome light stopped working. I've checked the fuses but they looked good, maybe I checked the wrong ones. Any other solutions?

Problems I've had since owning:

- Blown head gasket

- Fried ignition module

- Overdrive went out (installed manual switch to keep it from triggering on. It would stall when coming to a stop especially on highway off-ramp stop signs)

- Exhaust system is rusted and loud (no worth replacing)

- AC probably needs recharged, I just use 2-55 air conditioning :)

- Tensioner pulley broke

- Alternator went out

- Starter went out

- Electrical problem (horn, radio and dome light went out)

- Hood release cable snapped

About $1000 repairs in 5 years on a 20 year old car was very reasonable, It got me through college, just wish it did my homework.

- Steve.

12th Mar 2009, 11:09

I have an 89 Celebrity & I had the problem a previous poster had, with the engine knocking when turning. We replaced the top motor mount and that fixed the problem. Got it from a junk yard for $5.

Even though it has been a good solid dependable car, There are some things that this car needs now (tires, brakes, power steering issue & possible head gasket) & am debating on doing the repairs or letting it go & finding something a little newer.

30th Apr 2009, 17:47

I just bought a 88 Celeb. I've had it for 7 months now. I bought it for 1200 dollars. That sounds like a little much, but the car only had 63000 miles on it.

The interior was great till I got to it. LOL. The exterior on the other hand is rusting along the bottom, and the paint is fading really bad, but it drives really well and gets great mpg.

I'm currently changing the valve cover gasket, but other than that haven't had to do anything else to it. Needed to replace all 4 tires on it though.

19th Sep 2009, 20:56

I'm thinking about buying an 88 sedan, and thought I'd read comments before going through, but now I think I'll buy it!!! :)

10th Aug 2010, 08:27

I purchased a 1988 Chevy Celebrity Station Wagon with the 4 cylinder 2.5 engine.

I also have had similar issues as already mentioned, but I've also had the same problems with other cars I've owned (namely, head gasket leak/alternator gives low or no charge/battery needed replacement/tensioner pulley may need to be replaced).

The paint is starting to come off and there are small rust spots that can be sanded down, but the car is 23 years old.

27th Sep 2011, 12:22

I have an 88 Celebrity that I have been driving for a year or so. I bought it from a friend who inherited it from his grandmother. The car had 90,000 miles and had a starting issue. Sometimes it would start and sometimes not. So I got it for a few hundred dollars. After checking things out, it turned out to be a couple bad injectors (a known issue with this year and model of car). Replaced those, and it runs great now.

It was undercoated when new, so this 23 year old car is still rust-free. These cars rusted out pretty badly normally, but run forever, or until the frame rusts out. So I'm just gonna keep driving it to work every day until it dies. Then I will come back and leave a post that it finally died... See you in about 20 years :)