27th Oct 2004, 15:48

I beat my celebrity to death. I jumped it and crashed it and it ran for 180,000 miles. It only died when my brother drove it because he never checked the tranny fluid otherwise, it was the best car ever. Drove it from mile 3,233 to 180,210 with a new alternator and two sets of brake pads ever going on it. Celebritys are the best made car in the world, because they are made in the US.

14th Oct 2006, 14:41

84 celeb eurosport 2.8 h.o.

Great car all original 135,000 miles brakes and tires.

Normal maintenance BUY AMERICAN.

I also owned an 89 w/2.8V6 another great car when I got rid of it, it had 175,000 miles. Still going strong.

26th May 2007, 14:42

I just purchased this 1984 Chevrolet CL V6 Celebrity Station Wagon with 24,000 actual miles on it. It is very clean inside, aside from a worn place on the seat cover where she got in and out, and the top upholstery coming loose from getting hot where it sat stored for so long, it is almost new inside. Also very few pings, etc, outside. I am working on getting it running... it had a half tank of gas... very old, that I am putting stuff in to clean it up. I have it running, and it will need work on the carburetor. I just wanted to know if anyone knows the mileage it should get, and what problems I might encounter if I start to drive it. I don't know if I want to work it over and drive it, or sell it.

22nd Aug 2007, 17:57

I purchased a 89 2.8L after the unfortunate demise of my 98 Nissan. The "New" Celebrity (named Agnes) has 85,000 miles on her and runs like a top. I replaced the o-ring that seals the distributer plug. My mechanic has instructed me to run 10-40 in the engine (he has been her caretaker for years with the previous owner).

She had sat for a while, and at first she seemed a little anemic. After a few hundred miles highway and an oil change/intake filter... the power has increased a great deal. She accellerates on hills (nice power, Agnes!). If I don't take care, she will help me get a ticket.

I love the responsive steering, she really sticks to the curves.

I love the retro interior (like new)

My mechanic said the celebrity engines were good after the change to fuel injection. I expect to drive her about 80k miles if I take care of maintenance. Before I bought her, she had a radiator replaced, and the computer replaced.

A/C Still cranks out COLD air, but the compressor gets noisy sometimes. The engine is very quiet.

Drawback: The peeling/cracking paint.

11th Dec 2007, 19:11

I have an '84. Yes it's AC is noisy like a butchers display. That's because these don't have an AC line silencer muffler like the finer Buick versions. This could be retrofitted at the expense of a new charging, ACDelco silencers are cheap. Another mishap is that its too cold at times, so lower part of the windshield gets foggy outside. They aren't thermostatic.

I like the quick-ratio steering though. Superior linear stability plus, curves and lanes feels like you had draw them. It is silent, comfortable and has a smooth continuous flow of power, so in my first years I was speeding inadvertently. It can speed up sneakily, especially where you would expect it least, like long uphills. I eventually learned when to track that big sweeping needle, listening to the engine is not enough.

This was my first car, I bought it at the college because I liked the blue on blue color, looks, comfort and the clever luggage that one could fit 70*100 panels without folding. It proved to be much finer a car than I hoped for. After seeing the trim workmanship I wasn't expecting the cam-ground t-stat bolts! This things has all where they counts: at the critical points, no-corners cut at the out of sight portions of the engineering. Very good NVH, observable FEA, fine suspension/steering/brake kinematics, good capacity everyting. Eight years fast forward I'm still having this, commuting 160km a day. I don't care the people advising I should change it just because it's old. I don't need showroom optimized technocracy, I look for modern technology, possibly designed for humans, with good visibility, driving/riding comfort, safety et cetera.

3rd Sep 2009, 22:36

Back in 83, I had a 82 coupe with the 2.5L engine. Even though it was extremely slow (0-60 mph in 21 seconds) it was alright being my first new car. It was very roomy and comfortable. I drove it for 3 years until I wrecked it. Except for a burnt out head light, I don't remember having any problem with it at all.

1st Nov 2009, 12:04

I bought a new '84 Celebrity Eurosport coupe and drove it for 12 years and 321,000km only performing routine maintenance on the car. It was without a doubt, the most reliable and satisfying car I ever owned. My only complaint was the rear suspension didn't have enough travel and would bottom out with rear seat passengers or weight in the trunk.