1984 Chevrolet Celebrity CL 2.8 V6 from North America


Good, cheap, reliable, fun, perfect 'get around' car


Locks don't really work that well after awhile, got them fixed several times, but still problems.

Car was sitting for a 3 years, so it accumulated some minor problems, total cost very cheap though.

Rear Axel needed to be replaced after sitting.

Very minor wiring problems after sitting.

Finally the horn gave out after 20 years the horn gave out.

General Comments:

Since it's has a V6 engine, it's fun to drive.

Reliable and cheap to maintain.

Great car for experienced and beginner drivers.

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Review Date: 22nd November, 2004

1984 Chevrolet Celebrity 2.5 from North America


There is rust on the front of the body. and there is also rust on the doors of the car to.

The cars struts seem to be bent or broke so the car kind of sits nose high. It leans back in to the air.

General Comments:

The car runs good and does not have much troble starting. It seems to be a very good and very reliable car, that can take me were I need it to go. The car does seem to have enough power to really make you go sometimes. that is if it is in a good mood. And also the heater in the car will work some times. If you hit a pothole it will start to work agian.

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Review Date: 30th April, 2002

8th Sep 2006, 22:05

Great cars. I recently acquired my dads that he had for 5+ years. He used it to tote carpentry tools & supplies around, went 80k miles w/o changing the oil, and let it sit for 2 years. After a quick oil change and a jump start the car came right back up as if it was never sitting all!

These things never die!

25th Sep 2014, 04:47

Hi, I'm the guy who posted the comment above 7 years ago.

My dad's car never made it back on the road. I ended up picking up my own '84 Celebrity, but in the 2.8L carbed version for $600 just a week or two after that post. I used his car as a parts car and transferred over his Eurosport trim.

That was one of the best cars I've ever owned. I owned it for 6 years without any real issues except general maintenance. I do my own car work, so with parts being as cheap as they are, it was a very inexpensive car to own. After 6 years, I sold it to my friend for a little less than what I paid for it.

I now drive an '96 Oldsmobile Ciera (which is basically the same car). After the Ciera, it would be nice to own one of these again and fix it up. Although, they seem to be getting harder to find now.

Sorry for the wordy reply. Seeing my old post brought up some nostalgia! :)

1984 Chevrolet Celebrity CL 2.5 Inline 4 from North America


A crappy car, don't buy it unless you need a headache


Needed new plugs and wires and alternator, and new head gasket when I bought it.

Had to rebuild the head twice (in 10,000 miles)

2nd gear on transmission went, never fixed.

New oil pump at 35,000 miles.

General Comments:

This car sucked, it was the most under-powered, un-reliable car I've ever driven in or known of. I bought this car with 28,000 miles, (yes, that's 28,000 miles) in 1998 from an old lady I know, she hadn't used it much since her husband died, hence the low, low mileage. I thought I was getting a great deal, 28,000 miles for $1800. Car was slow, many, many things broke, (many were little things that I fixed myself). Slowest car I ever driven, a Geo Metro 3-cylinder was MUCH quicker than my car.

It rode nice though, it was a comfortable car, as long as you didn't want to go fast.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2001

21st Sep 2002, 19:59

Hi, my name is John. I had a 1984 Chevy Celebrity station wagon. I think it was the best car I have ever had. I bought it with 47,000 miles on it. I had it for 3 years. I put 67,000 miles on it (yes, 67,000 miles) The only things I had to do to it was, put brakes on it, and put 2 fuel pumps on it.

I have had a lot of cars in my life including 1996 Ford Taurus and 1993 Saturn Sl1. I liked my Celebrity more than any of these cars, in fact I`m looking for another one right now. Thank you for your time.