8th Jun 2010, 12:23

Hi, I've been looking for a log like this for a while. I totally agree that the Celebrity is a great everyday driver for its age.

I have owned an 86 Celebrity wagon 2.8i since 2004 when it had 65,000 miles. It currently has 109,000 miles and has always fired up right away, but recently it has begun to stutter on ignition -- shaking the car sometimes a bit roughly, and starting after at times holding the ignition turned for a few seconds or after a couple attempts. I replaced the original starter last spring when it finally lost power enough for start-up. I'm fairly certain most engine components are original, as the car was only previously owned by an elderly woman, and then sold to my brother after sitting in a garage from 1995-2000.

Do you have any guesses on what may be failing or needs to be tended to?

10th Jan 2011, 12:22

Hi everyone.

I purchased a 1986 Chevy Eurosport for 50 bucks. The person I bought it from was not mechanically savvy and had no interest in putting money into the car. So he let it sit for 9 months.

I purchased the car and after filling 1 full 72 gallon trash can and some repairs it started right up. Repairs included (in this order) NEW: battery, spark plugs, wires, air filter, belts, oil change, fuel filter, struts and shocks, and radiator flush. The person told me it smoked real bad and after closer inspection (and a pressure wash), the valve cover was tightened down and the heater hoses were tightened.

This car is bodywise a 9 out of 10, with the usual flaking. I plan on repainting this summer to the original gray color.

This is BY FAR the best car I have ever owned. Everything works and the car only has 86,000 on the odometer. The only problem I have not figured out is it seems to sputter between 2-3 unless you give it more gas, then it smooths out. Does anyone know where to buy some small nick-knacks? I need to get the center cap in black with the red bow tie. email me at twysrob@yahoo.com.

And to think my wife wanted me to give this to my 15 year old son...

10th Jan 2011, 14:28

When I was growing up, my family had a Celebrity. Great family car, seats 6 in comfort. This car brought my family through tough times and never quit. Thanks Chevy!

We were pretty poor back then, but this car never quit on us, and kept going and going. It had 234000 miles when we sold it, and was still going strong.

This is a great car for the average working person who doesn't care about status and keeping up with the Jones'es.

11th Jan 2011, 18:16

I also grew up riding around in our 87 powder blue Celebrity. Other than a shorted wire once, it was problem free up until the frame started to crack from rust and we retired her...