1984 Chevrolet Chevette CS 1.6 litter 98 c.i. from North America


Best $400.00 I ever spent!


Hole in one of the tranny vacum lines.

Clogged master cylinder.

General Comments:

No power (around 80 hp, tops out at around 80 mph)

Great on gas.

Strong motor.

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Review Date: 4th August, 2007

1984 Chevrolet Chevette 1.6 litre from North America


A quirky, curiously reliable little car


Typical wear items such as a battery or two, brake pads, tires.

Front main seal was leaking badly, so I went ahead and replaced the timing belt while I had it taken apart.

Recently replaced the starter, which took many extensions, and a couple of u-joints attached to my ratchet to access the bolts.

General Comments:

I originally bought this car for next to nothing as a temporary transportation solution, while I was waiting for an insurance settlement resulting from a car accident. The settlement went through and though I bought a new car, I held onto the Chevette... it kind of grew on me.

Granted, it is one of the noisiest cars I've ever owned, and the driver's side foot-well is terribly cramped, and I will definitely not be winning any races, but it has been the most faithfully reliable car I have ever owned (not to mention the least expensive.)

While owning the Chevette, I bought a brand new Camry that lasted a total of 49,000 miles before it's sludge prone engine died. Kudos to GM.

One of the other things I like about the car is its barebones simplicity, i.e., no power windows, power seats, power locks, or any of that other useless crap the car industry has conned us in to buying. Similar in concept to the original VW Beetle, it is truly a "People's Car". Even it's quirks become endearing.

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Review Date: 6th July, 2006

13th Jan 2009, 17:27

As a former Chevette owner, I would have to agree that it is hands down the best subcompact ever made.

1984 Chevrolet Chevette CS 2 Door 1.6 Gasoline from North America


Best $190 I ever spent 8 years ago!


The headliner was falling down when the car was purchased, replaced it myself.

All four balljoints were replaced at 170000 kilometers mainly as a precaution due to them being 22 years old. $20 each, $80 total.

Front brake pads last about 30,000 kilometers, common issue with these cars though. The pads are only $19 so it is not really that big of an issue.

Front brake calipers seized up around the 100000 kilometer, 17 year mark.

Original radiator finally gave up after 21 years and 160000 kilometers. $120 for a new radiator and hoses.

Inner tie rod end worn out at 165000 kilometers due to a torn rubber steering rack boot. Repaired for $18.

Complete Rear brake lines were rusty and were replaced for safety reasons at 170000 kilometers. Very fun to replace them I might add!

Original carburetor was in bad shape when I got the car, replaced it with another bad carburetor from the junkyard. Eventually found that the junkyard replacement had vacuum leaks around the throttle shaft bushings, repaired that myself for $8. Runs perfectly now.

The original paint on the car was in terrible condition, repainted the car and it looks far better now.

General Comments:

This was my first car, and I still own it... I have had several other cars along the way, but I always kept this one around as a second car.

The car handles quite well, and has just enough power to keep up with traffic.

The car can carry its own weight in cargo!

The seats are quite comfortable for such a cheap car, although there is not a whole lot of interior space for big or tall drivers.

I paid $190 for this car 8 years ago, and I must say it was more than worth every penny of it. This car is as reliable as a brick and has never left me stranded, ever. The drive line and suspension in this car would appear to be near indestructible, which was tested many times when I was a younger, less careful driver. This car is built very sturdy and strong!

Even after being in daily driver service for 22 years, the engine still starts right up in any weather, doesn't use any oil, and still gets 30+ miles to the gallon!

I look forward too many more trouble free miles from this little Chevy. Good Work on this one, GM!

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Review Date: 25th June, 2006

25th Jun 2006, 20:53

The rear-end went twice in the 79 model I had. $500 each time which is like $2000 now. I hated that car for this reason, and the brakes were amongst the worst in creation. Tiny disks and tiny drums. It was like GM thought they were making small cars for Shriner parades, or something. Everything scaled down to funny little baby parts. Parts, except the differential, were cheap as could be. Crap shouldn't cost much though. And, for the size and weight of the car the gas mileage was the pits. One of the very worst things about this car was that the tiny pedals were so close together you could hit clutch, brake, and gas with one foot alone. There were some fun panic stop attempts. My Chevette was the last car that stuck me on the road. And, my last GM before 26 years of glorious Hondas.

16th May 2009, 16:32

The trouble is, now GM is building CRAP. Maybe bankruptcy will teach them a lesson! That goes for you too, Ford and Chrysler. Learn from this lesson if you want to save yourselves, and find the guts to start making real cars again.

17th May 2009, 15:35

My girlfriend had the cheapest model, a Scooter. I still had more issues with my new Datsun pre Nissan then she did. Both were new cars then.