25th May 2008, 13:47

Original poster again. This car keeps getting better and better. It's literally a Franken-vette, with parts from so many different years makes and models, it's borderline crazy. The T-5 5-speed has gone in, and while it does need its bearings replaced (makes a lot of noise, but it's old and from a junkyard, so it is understandable), the car's acceleration and gas mileage have drastically improved and it's very fun to drive. We're using a Honda Accord console that almost fits in like it belonged there. The clutch was for a Brazilian Chevette, and the shifter is from a Pontiac. The seats from a 1990 Cavalier Z24 bolted right in and are much more comfortable and sportier looking than the stock buckets. More updates soon, when the transmission is fixed.

19th Jan 2009, 11:13

You have an interesting comment about the instrument cluster.

It is identical to that used in the full size Chevrolet and GMC vans, up to about 1990.

I always thought it was interesting... GM's smallest and largest vehicles use the same instrument cluster.

7th Jul 2009, 20:13

I enjoy telling people my first car was an '84 Vette, Chevette. It was a very reliable car and I religiously waxed it twice a year. It did zero to sixty in 38.6 seconds. I "drag raced" my friend in his Renault Alliance at the quarter mile stretch of road in town. I lost.

16th Apr 2019, 17:52

I had two Chevrolet Chevettes: a 1982 4 door base model and a 1984 CS 4 door hatchback, and I want to get Chevettes again.

With routine preventive maintenance the engine will last forever; my 1982 had 798,000 miles on it and the reverse went, and the 1984 had 465,000 miles on it and a friend of mine wrecked it.

When they were made from 1976 to 1987, the National Speed Limit Mandate was 55 miles per hour, so they were fast for their time, but when the mandate was repealed in the 1990s, they can't get out of their own way.

The fuel economy can't be beat as I got 32 miles per gallon city and 40 miles per gallon highway; better than cars of the same class today.

17th Apr 2019, 20:38

These were good little cars; built well and made in my hometown in Wilmington De. I dated a girl with one and it always got to where she needed to go. Purchased new as an inexpensive starter vehicle with a new car warranty. She opted for newer and fancy ones later that had issues. Sometimes simpler isn’t really a bad thing.

18th Apr 2019, 03:13

So a lower speed limit makes slow cars faster? Too bad they didn't drop it to 35 mph, then you could have been a real speed demon in your Chevette...

18th Apr 2019, 23:42

Entirely off topic, but we had a 60 MGA. Not much power, but it seemed fast at low speeds. What a fun ride. It’s not always about speed. It’s the experience on a nice windy back road. Now back to Chevettes!

19th Apr 2019, 18:43

I'll bet that the MGA was a blast to drive in the snow.

20th Apr 2019, 14:48

Sorry I brought the car up. Yours is probably far superior.