13th Dec 2010, 15:46

I've always hated small cars, but with gas getting back up to $3 a gallon, my vans that get 13MPG just are getting too expensive - so I found an 83 Chevette (was looking for something retro; simple; rear wheel drive) for $500 with virtually no rust and a new motor, and a lot more! And I am LOVING it!

Not too sporty, but acceptable with the 4 speed- and gets as good mileage as a "Smart Car" (Idiot Car is more like it), but has a lot more room and hauling capacity! Simple.. sturdy; inexpensive...

I don't know why people poke fun at these, they are 10 times better than anything made in the last 25 years that gets good gas mileage!

If anyone can help me: I'd like to simplify the car even more and get rid of the stupid CCC - can anyone tell me of a plain old 2 bbl carb that will bolt up? My email is brorichATscrtcDOTcom. Thanks! (Also, any distributor that would have mechanical advance, which would work in here???)

27th Dec 2010, 19:07

I have had 4 Chevettes. My first one was a 1982, which I purchased in 1989. I purchased a 1981 Scooter in 1992, and purchased a 1980 in 1993. I purchased the 1982 I have now this past January, when it had 86,000 miles. It now has 98,000, and is still going strong.

They are very reliable and very economical. Even though they don't have much power, they get up and go pretty good for the small engine they have. I'd rather have a 4-speed, but the automatic is very durable. I'm going to keep my Chevette until it won't go any more.

11th Feb 2011, 18:55

I just purchased a 1979 Chevette, 100 000k on it.

It's a sweet little car. I hope to have a paint job done and change the stereo. Other than that, the vintage feel is exactly what I'm looking for.

I'm not a fan of imports, so this North American icon was right up my alley. I always wanted one, and finally, I have one. My only concern at this point is, changing the factory deck for a new CD player, and changing the rims to something more interesting, but not quite sure what will work. There are several sites online to help with wiring diagnostics, but not a lot about changing the rims to something possibly a little bigger, without being ridiculous.

I love the car, and plan to have it a very long time, or until I can't fix it any longer LOL, and being as old as I am, I think that's pretty cool too!

5th Apr 2011, 16:54

I owned a 84 Chevette new. It was a 5 speed. It got 42 mpg, top speed was 120 mph, maybe faster. The car rocked back and forth at that kind of speed. It was a very dependable car, with sturdy body panels, and I miss it. Bring it back GM. Thanks.

15th Nov 2011, 07:20

I just got a 82 Chevette 1.6 engine. This car has been sitting next to a wheat field for almost 11 years. I pulled the car from its resting place, and boy was there some dirt under the car. The dirt was completely up into the frame of the car. I put a used pair of tires on and a new battery in it. I added just a little fuel into the carb, and it cranked for just a minute, and then started up and ran like it had just been parked yesterday.

I drive this car every day now. I drive 120 round trip 5 days a week.

This car is great... Thank you Chevy...

17th Nov 2011, 01:07

The Chevette is a simple and uncomplicated car, but is not a pure Chevy design. It uses a Japanese engine and drivetrain, allied to a body designed and engineered in Europe.