6th Mar 2009, 09:37

My 2wd 1989 Chevy Cheyenne is the best truck ever because it lasts and the 4 speed transmission is up to par... BEST BUY EVER!!!

8th Mar 2009, 00:00

I am looking for a car/truck for me and my father to work on, and to later be my first ride. Living in Alaska, yes that's right Alaska, 4X4 is a must. I have found a local person selling their 1988 Cheyenne for $200 dollars, claiming that the only thing wrong with the truck was it needing a new battery and a catalytic converter to run. Should I trust this and buy it, or keep looking?

14th Mar 2009, 19:33

I would buy it. For 200 dollars you cannot go wrong. In my area (Detroit) cabs, chassis, engines, and even just parts cars go for more than that. I would take a good look at it, and provided it is not a total junker I would buy it.

Even if you have to put a little cash into it, you will have a 4x4 Chevy for less than a grand! I have 2 Chevys. One with 150k on it, and one with almost 200k. Nothing catastrophic has happened, but do require some maintenance. Chevy trucks are top notch!

11th May 2009, 01:59

I have to agree, these trucks are amazing, I bought a 92 Chevy Cheyenne with the 4.3 for $875, being my first truck, I got used to it and fell in love, so when I hear about a 92 GMC Sierra with a 4.3 and only 169,XXX km on it for $125!! I bought that too, finally the GMC is going on the road after about 4 months of weekend work, and the Chevy is ready to go, but it is hard to part with it, it has 252,XXX km on it and still runs like a champ with nothing more than a new air filter, and a couple oil changes and greasing it every oil change.. These trucks are simply amazing, very easy to work on, even more so with the 4.3 engine under the hood, you can almost climb right into the engine bay with so much space.. Parts that range from 88-98, so there are a lot of chances to save money with junkyard parts! Ready to tackle my next Chevy soon..