1982 Chevrolet Citation CL 2.5L I-4 from North America


1,000 MILES, a perfect car!


Absolutely nothing yet.

General Comments:

I bought this car form the original owner who put the car in his garage on august 13th 1982. He has started it up once a week and gone around the block a few times.

He sold it to me for 4,000$. That sounds like a whole lot for a citation, but believe me this is most likely the NICEST 1982 Chevy Citation around.

I've always wanted a Citation and I bought this, I don't drive it much because it is truly a classic, but I love this car, it still looks, and smells like it just rolled off the line.

The car has absolutely no oil on the block, and not one little tiny bit of rust on the body, underbody, or anywhere else for the matter.

This car is quite powerful for a 4 cylinder, although its almost new still.

This old ride shines like a new penny I will always keep it the way it looks, and always drive my monza with the same 2.5 in the winter.

What an immaculate car!

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Review Date: 13th November, 2003

19th Nov 2003, 22:09

I got a citation with only 25,000 miles. It also has the 2.5L 4 cylinder. They are VERY good engines with good transmissions also. Mine is also a 1982 and has an auto tranny. However it is in rough shape. The interior is cracked and falling apart. The exterior is in perfect condition. The engine is dirty and desperately needs a tune up. It has sat outside all of those 21 years. It hasn't seen the inside of a garage once. Plus I live in Canada with nasty winters! Hopefully the rest of the car will stay together around the engine and transmission lol.

1982 Chevrolet Citation 2.5L L4 from North America


Cheap to run and easy to maintain


I just got this car from my grandma so there is probably more, but here is what I saw when I got the car;

Front seats have holes.

Parking brake was seized (probably not much fault of the car's, notice how little KMS are on the car? And it is 21 years old! Plus my grandma probably NEVER used the parking brake.)

Needs tune up badly (again, not a fault of the car's, it has all original tune up parts except the oil!)

Rear seat does not fold.

Rear hatch does not stay up in cold weather.

Steering wheel doesn't line up (when the car is moving straight, the steering wheel is not straight)

Seat belts don't have much spring left in them, they are pretty anemic at retracting.

Right indicator does not show up in dash however the outside lights work, probably just a burnt out bulb in the dash.

That is IT that I know of.

General Comments:

This is a great car, especially for a 16 year old kid. The car is quite slow, what do you expect, it has a 2.5L 90HP engine in it combined with a 3 speed automatic.

The handling is fairly good, the power steering is EXCELLENT, the car turns as easily as a golf cart. The power brakes are also very good. The engine and transmission is also very durable. According to my grandma, nothing has gone wrong with it (well, it does have low KMS)

I would have rather had fuel injection, but the carb is fine right now (I got an early 82, before they started putting in FI on these L4s, plus I am in Canada, so the fuel injection may have been added a few months later than in the US.) The car starts easily even in cool weather, especially with old plugs, wires, air filter, gas etc. (It will be given the ultimate test in January when I will have to start it in -25 degree weather.)

However, if you are looking for power, don't get a citation, unless you find an X11. Other than being fairly slow (not as bad as a Chevette, Pony or K-car) the car is great!

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Review Date: 23rd October, 2003

24th Oct 2003, 19:52

Hey you got the "Iron Duke" engine. It will run forever.

26th Oct 2003, 19:56

Well said!! Yes, the Citation "IRON DUKE" will run forever. Mine leaks oil, but that's the only thing wrong with it.. I have driven this car and I like its acceleration; it goes quick, but not fast. The manual would be faster. The Iron Duke is not 90 HP!! I have hauled a U-haul, a trailer full of cement blocks, a huge boat, and much more!! Still, it goes like spit!!

Perhaps if you had the throttle body fuel injection, it would run better.


Timothy D.

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