1985 Chevrolet Citation II 6 liter from North America


Great first car


The only things wrong with my citation are that the dome light doesn't come on, and my squirter thing for washer fluid doesn't function properly. other than that there isn't a spot of rust or anything wrong. it truly was a steal.

General Comments:

I love my citation. its my first car that I actually bought, I had a jeep grand cherokee given to me, but this is way better. it really is a head turner, the older people like it most I think. i plan on getting a paint job on it in the near future, though it doesn't really need it. I just don't like the dull gray color. it only has about 27,000 miles on it, and I got it for $1250. a steal I think.

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Review Date: 6th June, 2006

11th Jun 2006, 16:19

Nothing better than a cream puff!

Some things are going to go wrong on a car that old, but if you fix them and move on you will save a lot of money compared to getting into late model cars. Good luck.

1985 Chevrolet Citation II Not sure... from North America


A great car for a 17 year old student


The muffler had a huge hole in it when I got it.

Another part of the exhaust system was rusted through, and needed to be replaced.

Needed new shock plugs.

Paint was rusting and chipping.

Seat belts are lethargic while retracting.

Head liner was sagging.

Speedometer cable is broken or something. My speedometer and odometer don't work...

The check engine light comes on randomly, mostly when I'm going 55+ on the highway.

It stalls sometimes when I have to stop at red lights (basically when it's cold out).

No air conditioning.

Needs the fan to be running at all times or else the engine would over heat.

General Comments:

With a new paint job, a new headliner, and a new muffler, this car looks as good as new.

It gets good gas mileage (I believe I fill up every other week, about 12 gallons or so)

Wonderful insurance rates due to the age of the vehicle.

It runs great when it doesn't stall, and it gets me from point A to point B.

It was definitely worth the $500 US I bought it for.

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Review Date: 29th April, 2004

1985 Chevrolet Citation II 2.8L from North America


Good first car


The head gasket blew at around 69,000 miles.

The steering tends to "freeze up" in cold weather, but is fine after a few seconds.

The engine had a minor oil leak.

At about 66,000 miles, there was a radiator leak.

The car dies at a complete stop usually in extreme weather. However, the car only does it once per trip.

The heater does not work very well. It usually takes around 20 - 25 minutes to warm the car up to 75 degrees in winter weather.

The air conditioner does not work at all.

The radio never got good reception.

General Comments:

Despite the problems I have had with this car, I love it. It has treated me well as my first car and has taken me everywhere I've wanted to go and the car is very roomy and comfortable. I highly recomend this car to any teenager in need of a set of wheels. It is a good party car to go cruising in and is very reliable.

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Review Date: 14th October, 2003

1985 Chevrolet Citation 2 2.5 4 Cylinder from North America


What a wonderful car!!




Ignition module, pickup coil, distributor plate, ignition coil.

Struts and shocks.

Steering rack.

LOTS of body work!!

A few bulbs here and there.


All 4 brake calipers and wheel cylinders were replaced.

Fuel lines.

Exhaust and pipes.

Seats in new condition!!

General Comments:

What a sweet car!!

The 2.5 liter engine is quite powerful and we hauled a trailer load full of bricks, a u-haul that weighed at least a ton (I kid you not!!) and it has NEVER had a problem before!!

The heater works quite well and keeps the car warm like toast!! The a/c was removed from the car though as it isn't really needed.

Reliability is alright. The distributor on all 1985 models is a piece of junk. It left the previous owners stranded at least 2 times and my dad was stranded 3 times. No matter what my dad did it still had a mind of it's own. Very odd indeed. Last year it failed again and I tested it thoroughly until I found the problem.. pickup coil was the culprit. It was the factory original and I replaced it for 35 dollars CDN. Worked great afterwards.

The starter is broke and I had to pay about 100 dollars for a rebuilt.

Very good performance and has some pep to it, but not much. The 3-speed hydramatic transmission is a very rugged and shifts okay. You can feel it shifting and when shifting to drive, you can feel a clunk. Very reliable and totally original as well as the engine. No rebuilds or any other thing except oil changes.

Citation handles very well and I like it. Well built.

Dealer service was great, but only for buying parts. Eg pickup coil. They had to order it and it arrived early the next day!! Very polite and well experienced. The dealer was Clark Chevrolet in Fredericton, New Brunswick, in Canada.

Running costs are good and I find the car quite fuel efficient 23-32MPG city and highway.


Lots of trunk space, engine space and passenger comfort. It is a hatchback.

I can haul a family of five comfortably on short trips.

I like the chrome bumpers that actually are bumpers. It is a spring type that if you get rear-ended at low speeds then it will absorb the impact.

The other bits of chrome such as the chrome rocker panels and the chrome around the windows, windshield, wheel wells are nice looking too. I like it!!

If you have a Citation then E-mail me at timothyap5vmnospam@hotmail.com

(remove the "nospam")

Overall I dearly love this car and If I see another one for sale then I would buy it in a heartbeat!!

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Review Date: 17th August, 2003