1985 Chevrolet Citation X11 2.8 V6 MFI from North America


The best automobile I have bought for the money, 17 years and still going


Oil pump went out at 32,000 miles. This was in 1986. New car warranty then was 12 months, 12,000 miles. Since car was in mint condition and I had all receipts for oil changes and proper maintenance, dealer replaced for free.

Transmission started slipping in second gear at 70,000 miles. Car was paid for, and was still in mint condition, so $700 rebuilt transmission.

Bumper inserts all rotted away. Have new ones in storage when car is restored to mint condition.

I have done routine maintenance on all other items. Brakes, tune-ups, fuel pump, etc. These things wear out over time, and need to be replaced or repaired. Just because a vehicle needs maintenance, does not make it a piece of crap. ALL CARS REQUIRE PROPER MAINTENANCE.

General Comments:

This car has the best steering feel of ANY car. It accelerates well, and handles as good as any sports car.

It looks great, and although it has a horrible resale value, I would not sell mine for $8000.

It is still all original, except for the stereo.

I think that most owners do not keep proper maintenance on their Citations. When one problem comes up, it must be repaired. If you let it go, more problems appear, then it takes more money to repair than the car is worth.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2001

15th Jun 2001, 12:35

All cars require proper maintenance, but Citations require at least three times that of a real car.

26th Jun 2002, 17:51

Do not add comments about the Citation's when you know nothing about these cars in the first place. All cars need proper maintenance, but most people do not know what proper maintenance for their car is. This is the reason why there is junkyard all over the world. I am a pro mechanic and own three 1981 Chevrolet citation X-11's. One of my cars has 679821 KM. The other one has only 150000 KM on it. My last one has 500 KM on it she is my show car never drive it unless its at a car show. I love these cars and I'm going to be putting in a four-bolt eight barrel 455 V8 in my first X-11 she is going to be rear wheel drive. Why even bother you ask because I can.

1985 Chevrolet Citation 2 2.8 V6 from North America


The worst car in the whole world


When the car hit 60k something would explode in the engine as if it had trouble switching gears.

Big holes in the dashboard.

Very poor speaker quality.

Not powerful when hitting the higher speeds.

Very rusty.

Leaked transmission fluid.

Terrible on gas.

General Comments:

The cabin room was large and the hatchback trunk had enough room to fit my whole house in it.

The only thing good was that it held all my camping supplies for the summer.

The car had so much power in idle I could beat any car off line at a stop light.

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Review Date: 18th May, 2001

13th Dec 2002, 02:11

Terrible on gas. Leaked transmission fluid. Very rusty etc.

Any person can tell that this car was poorly maintained in the first place. Need I say more?

10th Jan 2008, 04:11

The Citation 2.8L V6 gets horrible gas mileage, even when running correctly. The car is very slow, take off and highway speeds. Best I could get out of it was 11.4 seconds zero to sixty. My 1984 CRX DX can get to sixty in 10 seconds flat and gets twice the fuel economy.

1985 Chevrolet Citation II 2.5L TBI I-4 from North America


Roomy, compact car, good basic transportation


Fuel pump went out, had to replace it.

Front driver's seat slightly worn, however pretty great for 16 years old.

General Comments:

The Citation II, mine at least, is a very reliable car and I plan to modify it by putting in another engine for more power and other mods :-)

Overall, good, basic transportation, unless you are like me and love it!

Has a huge hatch so you get tons of storage, trip space. It also gets good gas mileage.


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Review Date: 17th March, 2001

8th Jun 2001, 09:35

Citations are horrid cars! You are one of a few lucky ones!

2nd Nov 2001, 08:13

Mine went 323,000 miles. As long as you had the 2.8 V6 version, you had a solid, basic car. Maybe, the previous commenter had one of the few bad ones...