28th Sep 2003, 09:58

I have an 1985 citation coupe and the car is great it has 180,000 is still going strong and does not leak oil. I would, but like 100 of these cars becasue they out last most other crs today for the price you get them for.

24th Oct 2003, 13:37

I had a 1980 2 door 2.8l 4 speed when it was 10 years old and had no problems whatsoever with this vehicle. I wish that I still had it. It was a fun car to drive. I currently have a 1984 4 door 4 cyl with 4,000 original documented miles that I do not drive to keep the miles off. It is immaculate. -Randy.

10th Jul 2005, 01:50

I owned an '83 X-11 for 5 years, bought it with 76,000 miles for 2500.00, drove it to 135,000 miles, was sideswiped once and rearended too. Got 600.00 in mini-torts because of great Michigan no-fault laws, finished college and sold it for 400.00. Worst move I ever made. Seen maybe 3 of them since and I long for one every time I see one. Anyone want to sell one? email citationxeleven@yahoo.com.

31st Jul 2005, 21:49

We have an '81 citation that's been going through my family for 24 years now. After it broke down, as some of my family members thought, it was given to my parents because my dad is a mechanic. we got it going really well and fixed the body damage and repainted it. Thousands of dollars were put into that car at the time, it was well worth it. We took it on a road trip, two weeks later we got back home and the car was still perfect. One problem while we were gone.. a fan belt broke. But we just stopped into a Canadian tire and my dad put it back on and the car worked fine. 2 years ago my parents bought a brand new Honda accord. They gave the car to my older brother. I would have called it a mistake. He had no idea how to take care of the thing. Now it looks like crap. Not to mention he boosted his friends nissan and it fried the whole electrical system. $1000 for parts to fix it. He recently got a Nissan Altima and now the car's mine to fix. I hope to have it for another 24 years. Definitely not as a primary form of transportation. But I want to have it running and registered as long as I possibly can.

15th Nov 2008, 17:22

Hi, I live in CANADA and I've had 2 previous Citations; 1 four door and 1 1982 X-11.

My X-11 was sold in 2000 and I regret it so much that I kept on searching for another one, but turned out negative. Till now!

In March 2008 in bought an 85 Citation 4 door in good shape, but the floor pan needed replacement. I started to work on it, then one day for fun I went on the net. And checked out for a Citation for sale and there was one!! 1984 Citation X-11 notch back, the rarest find ever!! All original and only has 153 000 km! Only thing it needs a fresh coat of paint. So now I have 1 Citation 85 for parts car and my new toy. What are the odds of finding 2 Citations within 7 months! This one I will keep for a long long time!