1st Feb 2004, 17:59

OK-found this site via Google, I have 1985 4 cyl with over 300K miles, a gift from a friend. I live in Sunnyvale Ca. I have a code reader, which leads me to replace the O2 sensor. however, the eng still runs for a while and then stops, I haven't a clue..Help. My name is John

8th Apr 2004, 21:46

Hey.. I have a 1985 Chevy Citation II, 2.5L fuel injected. I drove it during my time in high school (till it quit) and let it sit around for a couple of years. Replaced the battery, rotor, and cap about seven months ago (as well as tested the coil, and module from inside the distributor) and managed to get it running, but the car quit halfway to destination; figured the fuel filter or fuel pump cut out due to old gas.

I had the car towed to my house. No indication of spark while using a timing light. Took the time and changed the fuel filter anyway. The fuel pump appears to be working OK. The rotor was very loose, as well as the two electrical connections to the ignition coil. I am going to get the module retested, and test the pickup continuity myself, as well as replacing the loose rotor with a (hopefully) tighter fitting one. I am hoping the module tests out OK, and that the loose connections on the coil as well as the ill-fitting rotor are the cause of my problems.

On a side note, has anyone ever heard of Chevy putting failsafe switches in the engine block, so that the engine will not start with low oil? (Guy at the auto parts store told me this one, but haven't given it much thought). If anyone has any other suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated.

9th Apr 2004, 20:53

(My 2.5l Citation, part two) :

I pulled the distributor and replaced the pickup.. made sure everything was fastened down super tight before starting her back up. Lo and behold, she started and purred like a kitten! The iron duke never fails to suprise me.. sitting for close to four years without a run, only to start right up! I'll never get rid of my Citation.

9th Jul 2006, 22:49

My husband and I purchased a Chevy Citation II, and not being very mechanically inclined, cannot figure how to remove the starter. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, gtrgrl3369@yahoo.com.