1st Dec 2005, 18:21

The problem with the V6's is the lower intake manifold tends to leak antifreeze, which; if it gets into the engine, can cause engine failure. This has been a problem with all the 'next generation' 60 degree Chevy V6's from 1994 - 2004.

Otherwise, a great motor and car.

-ASE Certified Master Auto Technician.

18th Aug 2006, 16:43

I'm glad I found this site as finding reviews on the Classic seem impossible, because, as one reviewer pointed out, it's made only for the rental car fleets. I bought mine at Enterprise and so far so good. My own mechanic checked it out and thought it was a terrific buy so I went with it. After a few months, so far so good. A nice ride and I feel very safe. Mine is a 2005 which I believe is the 4 cylinder. Works well for me right now. I live very urban so don't drive as frequently and certainly am not a car expert, but I feel good about my purchase thus far.

17th Nov 2006, 11:02

For a ASE Certified Master Auto Technician to say the Malibu a great motor car must be making all his money fixing them.

31st Jan 2007, 11:21

I bought my 2005 Chevy Classic in July of 2006 with 15000 miles. In the six months since I have bought this car, I have put an additional 15000 miles on it. I have not had a single problem and it has only been in the shop for routine maintenance. The Classic keeps up with traffic very well. I am a bit of a lead foot and my Classic suits my needs wonderfully. It is extremely economical in that it averages around 32 mpg if I stay below 75 mph. Much above that and the mpg drops to around 29-30. My car came loaded and I didn't have to waste money on a CD player or anything like that. Overall, I am completely satisfied with my purchase and would definitely buy this car again.

28th Jun 2007, 10:27

I got my 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic 6/27/07. It has 36,000 miles and I got it for $10,000. So far its been a great car and great ride, very smooth for country and city driving. Its bright white and the white color gets noticed very easily. You can see it coming down the road. Has a good 4 Cylinder engine that I hope it will be reliable for years to come. I'm sure after 100K the head gaskets will go, as do most of 4 cylinders, but no worries for now. Great buy if you can find one in good shape!!! Save on Gas and Car repairs!

8th Jul 2007, 09:21

I wanted a 4 cylinder without all the 'bells & whistles" of most other cars. I didn't like the 'European' styling of the new '04 Malibu's, so I went with a 'Classic'.

Amazing, just how many people DON'T know the difference including many mechanics and salesmen (other than GM).

Disappointed with the seats, rear visibility, and the soft vinyl covering on the doors.

3rd Oct 2007, 16:55

I bought a 2005 Chevy Classic about a year and a half ago from Enterprise Sales. For the most part, the car has been great. Gets me where I need to go. I haven't had any real problems except for my brakes. I am about to take it in to the shop for its third brake fix. I just broke 36,000 miles on it. I have been getting the "shaky" brakes which I believe is a sign that the rotors are bad. And this morning on my way to work the brake light came on. Has anyone else seen a major brake problem with the '05 Classic?? Or did I just luck out?

25th Mar 2008, 19:57

I have a 2005 Malibu Classic purchased in 2005 used, and have had three brake jobs done and need them fixed again. Now the wipers won't turn off.

2nd Aug 2008, 23:44

I bought my 2005 Chevy Malibu Classic Nov. 2006 from Enterprise. I only paid $10,400 for it and it had about 36K. I love mine. It's a good size and I get great gas mileage. I'm up to 68k and have no problems so far but I had that brake problem previously mentioned with my Cavalier. My mechanic advised it was a GM problem.

4th Feb 2009, 15:31

I have an 05 Malibu bought in 05 used with only 17000 miles on it. I now have over 100,000 miles on it now... and I have been having some crazy stuff happen, so if there's anybody out there that may know what to do, please help.

Well here's the problem; if my car is in drive (and I am actually driving) or at a park position, my keyless entry feature will reset itself. For example if when I press the button to lock the door, it sometimes will blow the horn or just lock the door that changes by itself, and when I put the car in reverse or drive, my doors lock by themselves...now that's starting to change so sometimes it will and sometimes it won't.

Now for the last problem; when my car is moving and in drive (cruising down the road) the horn will blow by itself LOL.. I know this doesn't sound serious, but if something major is getting ready to go out I would love to know ahead of time.

I have had no major problems with my car other than the brake pads wear easily and my air conditioner turns on and off by itself, so if there's anyone with some help, please leave a comment here. Thanks so much.

8th Aug 2009, 14:11

For the person that is having problems with the air conditioning, the problem is probably your air conditioning control panel located under your radio. Once I replaced that, I had no more problems. The dealer wanted almost $200 for the part, but I got one on EBAY for under $40. It is very easy to replace, just snap off the covers on the entire panel where the radio and A/C control panel are, unplug the old control panel and plug in the new panel and you are ready to go. There may be a couple of screws in there that you have to unscrew, but not a major issue.

As far as the remote resetting itself, if you have a manual, it will show you how to program it and it has to do with holding down the lock button for a few seconds with the key on. Refer to your manual to reprogram your remotes, that might help.

19th Sep 2009, 11:09

I bought my 2005 Classic with 55,000 miles on it.

I have had a CV joint go. I also did a brake and rotor job on it. The front brakes are still grinding every other day. Have no clue why.

This year my hazard button started clicking as if I had the blinker on all the time. Also started dinging. Kinda like if you leave your headlights on and get out of your car. So I am driving down the road. It's dinging and clicking and my steering column started smoking.

Thought it was my hazard relay so I replaced it. No fix. Figured out after some research that it was my blinker/headlight control our as some might call the multi function switch. It was removed very easily. One bolt. Cost was $122.

Overall it has been a great car with minor problems.