25th Sep 2008, 18:56

You will also wear out the differential in your transmission (on a FWD car) if you drive for too long with the mini-spare in the front.

27th Sep 2008, 01:03

I thought he had a Focus, look at his first comment about the spare tires wearing out in a week a few posts back. Now it's an Escort.

Anyway, I think my 07 Cobalt LS coupe is a great car. (Let's end this thread back on topic, shall we?)

10th Oct 2008, 21:16

I meant to say Focus, not Escort. Anyway, I was referencing the floor mat in the Cobalt. The Cobalt is a Chevy, which is a G.M. product. The Cobalt has some good points, but the problems I referenced are real. Respective of the little donut style spare tire, 10K, even 12k miles is nothing respective of what a standard warranty is for a regular tire. The little spare tires I got were dangerous. Hence, THEY SHOULD NOT BE SOLD. THEREFORE I BLAME G.M. for putting them in new cars.

Also, the driver side seat is hard to adjust. It is either too close to the steering wheel, and uncomfortable, or too far back, making it hard to reach the gas and brake pedals.

Also, the cup holders are stupid.

8th Dec 2008, 11:44

Please, but please don't flash the trucks (or any other vehicles) with high beams. Didn't you ever got that friendly blinding high beam in the your own mirror? The only flashing we want to see is all different kind of flashing. Hm...but that's all different story too :) Trucker of 9 years.

16th Jan 2009, 05:02

Laughing out loud... who on earth drives a spare tire for 10k? I got a flat, drove for 2 days to work until I had the chance to get a new tire. They are emergency tires only... don't drive over 40mph! Some of these comments are completely absurd.

These are the facts. These are great cars. Equal to any Civic or Corolla, both are in the same category of base cars. Cobalt has a peppier engine than either of these cars, better fuel economy, and you know what? They all have plastic interiors LOL.

20th May 2009, 14:57

I have a 2007 Chevrolet Cobalt LS. This has been my first car to own, but not to drive (previously it was an Explorer Sport and a Jeep). Even as a base model, this car is fine.

In terms of looks, the outside has the aggressive styling that is so much nicer, newer and refreshing than any other car. The inside trim is fine, as I am not looking for solid oak imitation trim, rather something that can take a beating and keep on holding up.

As for room, this is a two seater car for sure, unless you have kids or something that can fit in the back. The leg room for the rear passenger is just bordering on the uncomfortable, but it's definitely doable. And these people on here make it personal, however myself being 6'1 160lbs driving with my father, 6'5 and 300lbs fit in the front two seats just fine, and it has more room than the Explorer for us. Trunk space is ample, although it is wise to cut into the wood that covers the battery, so you have an access flap instead of having to take everything out of the back to get to it.

Driving this car is easy, the armrests are fine, but they're not made for you to relax, they're made to keep your attention on the road. The pillars can have their downsides, but you adjust quite quickly to looking somewhere before you get there. The road noise isn't any worse than the new Civic I rented.

This car was designed to be able to be taken apart, repaired, and reassembled by an idiot with a wrench with parts that don't cost a lot. What do you expect, this is a base model, although I will say with minor upgrades that you can do yourself such as springs, intakes, and wheels/tires and so on this becomes quite a fast, and powerful car.

The spare and tire jack is in the back under the trunk and for all of the speculation regarding driving too long on it and damaging your differential - the only the SS models and maybe an LTZ model have differentials, the Cobalt LS/LT models do not have one, hence why when one wheel spins it doesn't lock down, so there's no worrying about damaging it.

This car has been reliable and honestly one of the best ones I could've picked, I've taken it to autocross races and at 59,000 miles it's only fallen victim to 2 warranty related problems. This is a great car, go with it.

25th Mar 2010, 20:03

It's amazing what people think they know. ALL CARS HAVE DIFFERENTIALS. What this guy is confused about is whether or not the differential is limited slip or not. He is correct that only one wheel will spin, but not because there is no differential, because it is an open differential. A limited slip differential will spin both wheels. And regardless of a differential being open or limited slip, you CAN damage it by using one of those minispares for an extended period.

If the car didn't have a differential, going around corners would be extremely difficult if not impossible in a front-wheel drive car. The wheels would just bind and scrub the pavement every time the steering wheel was turned. When you're going around a corner, the outside wheel turns faster than the inside wheel, hence the need for a differential, which allows each wheel to turn at its own independent speed around corners.

25th Mar 2011, 23:25

Spare tires are there in case you get a flat tire on the side of the road; you put it on and immediately go to a mechanic shop and get it fixed. They are not meant to drive on forever. They have a sticker on the side that says temporary only.