2nd Jul 2010, 14:38

You need to adjust the lumbar. I have the same car and it does wonders! It's a little knob on the driver seat on the right front by the console.

10th Jul 2010, 10:31

I thought the same thing about the seat when I first got my Cobalt. I adjusted the lumbar (knob on the right side of the seat) and it is fine now. I drive 132 miles back and forth from work. Great car! I drive between Colorado Springs and Denver where the speed limit is 75 and the actual speeds can hit 95 in traffic. I get 46 mpg in one direction and average 38 all around even at the high speeds. There is lots of stop and go in Denver. This thing gets better mileage than my Civic. I have the automatic LS Coupe. Does incredibly well in the Colorado snow. Check it out thoroughly before you buy anything else. Chevy does a great job with their newer line of vehicles.

5th Apr 2011, 23:40

Yes, the lumbar adjustment makes a world of difference. Also, I noticed that the seats in the LT are much better quality than in the LS. I have owned a 2010 LS first and now a 2010 LT. The best thing I like about this car is the stereo. It may be a "stock" radio, but it is excellent!! Mine has the USB port so I can control my Ipod with the radio's buttons. Speakers sound great at any volume. Also love the automatic volume control and lots of electronic goodies included at no charge (awesome trip computer, tire pressure monitor, manual and automatic equalizer, radio intake along with USB port, RDS, and many others). Power locks, windows, mirrors.

This car is quiet... I like getting into it at the end of the day and just relax going home in the charcoal interior. The automatic is superb, something superior to other cars I drove, and Hydromatics are something GM never got wrong. Are the interior plastics not the best quality? Yes (but not enough to make a big deal of it). However, the value of this car is amazing... my loaded LT automatic had a sticker of $19,000, but I got it for $13,200 as a model closeout deal.

It looks more sporty than Corolla and Civic, and faster and quieter than both too. I've worked in the car industry, and this car is built very well. I don't care what the smartass's on this site say - I tried the rest and bought the best!

16th Apr 2011, 16:15

I get 43 on average on the highway. But I only get 25 average in the city. I love the fuel mileage.

It's better than my wife's Camry hybrid on the highway.

She works in downtown, I work off the beltway.