18th Dec 2010, 17:02

I also have a 2010 Cobalt LT with the 2.2L Automatic combo. it now has over 13,000 miles with no problems. In fact it has never been back to the dealer for anything. This is truly a great small car. The gas mileage is now at 34+ in December weather. Like always, GM works all of the issues out of its vehicles in the final years of production. It's a shame they discontinued this model.

4th Jan 2011, 12:26

I have the Team Canada 2010 4 door LT Edition. I love the car and it seems to run great, but like you, the mileage is nowhere near the manufacturer claims. In fact, it seems to be getting worse, let's hope it's just the break in period.

I also have a Toyota Yaris and the mileage on that is significantly better and it seems a lot more peppy. I was told the mileage would improve as well, seems strange as the Yaris got great mileage from day one.

4th Jan 2011, 15:44

Well since there is no break in time for engines these days, what you get for mileage is pretty much what you get. Don't expect any real increase in mileage. Toyotas are better designed and built, therefore they run more efficiently and more peppy as you put it. Our RAV 4 V6 got close to 25 mpg on its first trip with less than 100 miles on it, and it is just about the same now with over 5K miles on it.

5th Jan 2011, 20:10

Update from original poster: congrats to the fellow Cobalt owners, I'm loving my Cobalt more and more each day. The noises went away, vibration barely noticeable. I did a mileage check shortly after this review, and was getting near sticker fuel consumption, but it's now slightly less due to the winter months and my short commutes back and forth to work.

On another side note, I forgot to mention in my original post I test drove the new Cruze before I bought my Cobalt, and to me the Cobalt is the better choice, it's more of a drivers car. The Cruze looks nice inside and out, but it was an unresponsive slug in comparison; shame they didn't just keep and evolve the Cobalt, like GM had originally had planned to do...

9th Jan 2011, 14:51

I agree with you about the Cruze. It's an awesome car, but I prefer the logical layout of the Cobalt's dash. Gas mileage DOES improve as you get more mileage on the car, ignore the GM basher. These are well-designed cars that are very economical, comfortable and give you a lot for your money.

I have a 2010 LT1 sedan. My favorite features are the trip computer and remote starter. I average about 32 mpg with 60% highway mileage, and have gotten as high as 38 on a straight highway run.

10th Jan 2011, 15:02

"Gas mileage DOES improve as you get more mileage on the car, ignore the GM basher."

Well you don't have to wait for better mileage in the superior Toyota engines now do ya?

11th Jan 2011, 14:40

"Well you don't have to wait for better mileage in the superior Toyota engines now do ya?"

No, you just have to wait a few thousand miles until that foreign piece of waste breaks down!!

11th Jan 2011, 18:11

My Ecotech 2.2 gets better mileage and has more power than your Toyota 1.5. At a stop sign, you'd be eating my dust. The cobalt looks better, inside and out, compared to the Yaris...

12th Jan 2011, 14:33

No no, I knew the service manager at the CHEVY dealer by first name. I have never been to a Toyota service department before... oh except for my free oil changes. Imports are far superior in pretty much every aspect. GM is junk as far as I am concerned, and I don't care to waste any more money fixing their second rate vehicles. Good luck to you.

28th Jan 2011, 15:04

I know my service manager at my Chevy dealership by name, as well. He introduced himself at the first service visit, and asked me to contact him, should I ever have any service concerns. I have only contacted him to offer praise about the quality service I receive, when taking my car in for scheduled maintenance.

30th Jan 2011, 01:13

My family has always had GM cars for decades, and I cannot ever remember having to take anyone of them in for service. With a GM car, you can climb in at 150,000 miles and it runs and drives like a brand-new car. I work at an import dealership (Mazda, Saab, Volvo) and you should see those with a little age on them! Mazda 626's and the newer 6's are pretty much worn out mechanically by 90K miles or so. The Swedish cars have abysmal quality, can't get them to start when it's cold or damp, etc. We always laugh at people bringing these imports in thinking they've really got something nice, when actually most of them are pieces of garbage after a little use.

Yes, Toyotas and Hondas are great cars - but certainly not flawless. The imports were better for years back in the 70's and 80's, but what has happened with Toyota for example is that the company has gotten so massive that the quality control has gone way down. It's actually a big secret: corporate Toyota people have been whistle-blowing a lot about how unsafe and terribly engineered the newer Toyotas are. All I can say is, after working on these tin cans, you can guarantee you don't want to have a big wreck in one.