5th Sep 2006, 10:56

In re the possibility of the power windows failing: Have you seen the factory service manual for this car? It's 4500 pages, and at least half of that relates to electrical issues. There are so many other things to go wrong that the windows are a tiny drop in the bucket. :^) FWIW, most other new cars are also similarly intense. Actually, my experience has been that hand-cranked windows are just as likely to fail if not moreso, unfortunately.

I wouldn't mind hand-cranks so much if I didn't have to contort myself out of the seat belt to roll down the passenger side.

In re taking a swim, if you involuntarily chose to do so, the usual trick is to wait for the water pressure to equalize, and then open the door. Also, you'd be surprised how easy it is to kick out the windshield in these cars, particularly if you're up to your earlobes in lake water. Don't ask me how I know this.

8th Sep 2006, 21:54

Thank you for your reply to my comment about the power windows. I just became suspicious of power windows because, two times in a row, I rented cars, and BOTH had windows at the driver's seat that were stuck all the way up. That wasn't so bad, but in addition, I have heard horror stories about drivers who had their power windows stuck in the DOWN position. This would be especially bad in the winter time! So, I will insist, no power windows for me! I do respect your opinion, and appreciate your reply.

17th Sep 2006, 17:29

In reading your review and comments, I was reminded of an incident my best friend's boss had some years back. She was on her way to work in her brand new and very expensive sports car when she realized, to her horror, that not only would her power windows not go down, but her DOORS wouldn't open either!! She frantically drove in to a dealer's service department and got someone's attention by yelling and banging on her window. They had to get her out thru the SUN ROOF!! The power locks and window controls had frozen everything shut. Hopefully steps have been taken by auto makers so that that can't happen now (I hope!!)

17th Oct 2006, 00:32

I am interested in the LT model mainly for the seats. I have sat in both an LS and LT and the seats in the LT just seem to be more comfortable.

I also have issues with power windows, even though I like them they were the first thing to go on all the older cars I've owned.

Its much easier to find a used LS and I'm having troublee finding a used LT 2006, but I keep looking just because of the seat.

15th Jul 2015, 16:04

If you are concerned about power windows when submerged vs hand crank, I suggest you stop driving and stay at home. Oh wait, you might want to the lower the windows in the house so you can get out easier in case of a fire.

16th Jul 2015, 02:25

Carry an old spark plug and hit the tip against the door glass.