31st Oct 2006, 13:09

Just because the cobalt was the Cavalier replacement, doesn't mean it STILL is a Cavalier. The Cobalt is updated, more precise, better parts, engines, and so on. I drive an 04 Cavalier, I love the car with the 2.2 ecotec. An excellent motor... Better than my 2002 Honda was (2.0L). Cobalts are great cars, especially the SS. So if you have never driven a cobalt, don't complain about them.


8th Nov 2006, 11:30

Your Buddy is complaining about too slow sloppy handling and he wants to get a Scion Tc??? are you nuts? that car has less than 40hp and handles WORSE! man know your cars.


I never mentioned in my original post it handled bad its just a little underpowered that's it.

6th Jan 2008, 02:22

'06 Red SS/SC

The Good:

If your used to driving super-econo cars... This thing will scare the crap out of you. Especially the first time you punch 2nd from 3500RPM. Simple upgrades like an intake let that supercharger howl, and a Cat back will make it roar! It isn't the fastest thing on 4 wheels, but damn can it have presence! I think it's exterior style is a step above the SRT-4s.

The Bad:

The interior, while very different from lower models in color, still has the crappy hard plastic everywhere. You don't exactly get the feeling of what an SS should. Some carbon fiber accents would have pulled it off. Though I'm sure it would be considered "ricy".

The Ugly:

A PLASTIC sun-roof locking bracket broke at 11000 miles. Still need to get it fixed. Also the key would for some reason set the stock alarm off when used in the doors or trunk! And the clutch is cooked.

21st Feb 2009, 01:28

This car has its good things and bad things like all cars do, but for 30 grand new, no thanks, I would much rather add a little more and get a Civic SI instead.

The Good: Decent sound system, gauges (speedometer, tachometer etc) look half decent, stock tires and rims (PZero and 18 inch chromes) are fairly decent but they must be changed for the winter, LSD and stage 2 clutch is pretty decent, and the car has a decent sound to it passing by because of the exhaust that is installed stock.

The Bad: Exterior is not really that appealing can be really rough on the eye, some come with an antenna (the car was built 2006, let's do a better job and get an antenna installed on the glass), only five speed tranny wish it was six, no arm rest (don't even ask why, maybe god knows why the good old boys in GM thought of an idea of why an arm-rest would not be needed) turning diameter is huge, seats do not lock in place and keep on moving till it snaps in position, which can be annoying.

All in all the car is decent, I would wait till the car drops in price like all domestic cars do and then I will buy. However it's not the greatest car, it feels to plasticy, and the Accord and Civic Coupes are a lot more appealing.

18th Mar 2009, 22:32

I don't think the inside is as bad as people say! The SS/SC would smoke an Si all day long!!

21st Jun 2010, 12:47

Recently bought an SS/SC and we love it. They may have been overpriced when new, but now getting this much fun for $10,000 is a bargain. Mine has 100,000 Km (60,000 Mi) and everything works and feels fine, although admittedly this one was very well taken care of from day one which helps.

The power really comes on at 3500 RPM, and it's almost impossible not to cruise at 140 KPH all the time, which means it gets terrible mileage. I did try driving very carefully for nearly one entire day ,and the mileage was great, so you can't really blame the car.

I'd buy another one in a minute. Most fun car I've ever owned, and at 52 I've owned a couple.