2nd Jun 2010, 17:12

I bought a 2005 Chev Colorado new. My wife is the primary driver of the truck, we updated from a mini van. I can tell you it will be the last GMC product I will every buy. It is a nice truck to drive and fairly comfortable, very slow acceleration.

We have had to install new tires after only 22,000 km. The dealer said it was lack of rotation and just shrugged when I told him that they had done all the services from new. Then handed me a bill for alignment and said that the alignment and tires were not covered under warranty.

The door seals leaked water from new; when in a touchless car wash, be prepared to be soaked.

The lights had problems from new that the dealer could not fix, so I did it myself.

ECM under the seat went bad, towed to the dealer; they found a body weld had let go and water had gotten into the ECM. No warranty and a 4000 dollar fix.

Rear brakes started to grab really hard. 350 dollar fix, no warranty.

Front wheel bearing went bad and took out the ABS speed sensor, 500 bucks, no warranty.

Gas tank went bad, 800 dollars for the tank, but the labor was covered under warranty.

Drivers power window regulator broke in two, never even took it in to dealer, replaced it myself.

Both front axle seals leaking, called dealer not covered, repaired myself.

Check engine light is on constantly, idle below normal, seems it cannot be repaired as reoccurs every couple of months after repairs.

Wears out tires at an unbelievable rate, even with rotations at every service, had it to several alignment shops and seems there is a unseen problem. Have used what I was told were the best tires, but now just put on whatever is cheapest.

Have had to replace numerous small things like belts and tensioners, plastic trim around bottom of seat, seat heater and power seat problems, and the list goes on .

Called General Motors several times, but always the same story, we stand behind our dealer.

Shame on you General Motors!!!!!


3rd Jun 2010, 08:49

But there are so many GM owners with 300K mile trouble free cars... Yeah right!! I have had the same lack of quality with virtually EVERY GM vehicle I have owned except an old Z-24 from 1990. I won't ever buy GM again either.

3rd Jun 2010, 18:12

I don't see how anybody could possibly get 300,000 miles out of a GM. My last GM barely made 40,000!

25th Jul 2010, 16:05

It's very possible to find a GM with over 300,000 miles... Look on Autotrader! There are a LOT of high-mileage Chevy's on there. PLUS, I have two GMs with over 200,000 miles, (a 1988 GMC S-15, and a 1990 Olds) which the most serious things I've replaced a valve cover gasket (the S-15) and a tranny filter (the Olds).

My S-15 has 211,000 on it; and my Olds 214,000. GM makes good stuff as far as I am concerned.