2005 Chevrolet Colorado 4 Cylinder from North America


There's a sucker born every minute, this time it was me


Where to begin? This truck is constantly in the shop.

Head gasket at just over 15000 miles.

5 factory stereos.

3 weather strips on the passenger door.

2 radio antennas.

2 accessory power outlets.

Interior fan switch.

Head light dimmer.

Ignition security system.

Front end alignment.

Window seals leak.

Door locks constantly jam.

The above list is only includes the items that have been fixed in the last year since I bought this overpriced waste of money.

General Comments:

Useless junk. I have never been so incredibly disappointed in any vehicle I have ever driven, and I have the distinct dissatisfaction of knowing that I have to make a payment on this thing every month.

I'm trading this money pit tomorrow when I pick up my new car. Just to give you an idea, I'm taking a $5500 loss on trade and that's less money than I have put into it since the warranty expired in April. 6 months, almost $6000 on top of the payments and gas.

This was my first, and last Chevrolet product. I can't even rely on it starting when I get into it to drive it, because the security system on the ignition keeps shorting out.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2008

9th Mar 2009, 01:50

I'd say this is a lemon. To have that much trouble from a new car isn't normal even for known junkers. They make laws for protection from this sort of luck. Plus you really shouldn't pass on such a problem. Lawyer up under the lemon law and you should get your money back. Also I must say it's a little off putting that you have a new car with no warranty. I not convinced.

2005 Chevrolet Colorado Extended Cab 4 Cylinder from North America


Useless junk and a complete waste of money


At just over 15,000 miles the head gasket needed to be replaced.

The weather stripping has been replaced twice on the passenger door in the last 3 months.

Radio antenna has fallen off and been replaced twice.

Truck is on it's 3rd factory stereo (and a new one is being put in this week)

Driver's side door on the extended cab has been re-aligned because it wouldn't close properly.

Brakes had to be replaced because they were never adjusted properly before the original sale.

General Comments:

The Colorado is a very comfortable truck and handles well. The performance isn't great, but it's not bad either. The gas mileage is pretty good for a truck, about 15-17 mpg city driving.

Everything else about this truck is terrible. I've had it 3 months and driven it just over 2,000 miles. During that time I've had all the problems listed above, and more. The worst part is the dealer I bought it from. They have been horrible to deal with, including replacing parts under warranty that were not the correct parts. Chevy has been absolutely no help. I can't even begin to describe what a money pit this truck is already and how useless Chevrolet has been in trying to get it fixed under the factory warranty.

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Review Date: 2nd February, 2008

26th Mar 2010, 13:52

I agree with the ratings on this truck. I just reached 87,000 miles and have had so many problems with it. The headers had to be replaced. Both windows had the motor out and had to be replaced. Honestly, it just isn't a good truck at all. I will never buy a Chevy again!!

2005 Chevrolet Colorado Crewcab LS 2.8 4 cylinder from North America


I'm looking at Toyota


Box was mounted off to one side when delivered.

Severe rattle behind back seats.

Water leak in cab.

Broken key-less entry key fob.

4 times in for cruise and door locks and window electrical problems.

9 days at dealer to rebuild transmission. (Stick!)

Bow-tie emblem on grille de-laminated.

O2 sensor.

Emergency brakes stuck on.

General Comments:

I've been waiting for a small crew cab for years. I don't need four wheel drive or a V6 engine. I thought the Colorado was perfect.

This was my seventh new GM vehicle. The quality problems with this truck and treatment by GM have cured my desire to ever buy another GM product.

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Review Date: 7th July, 2007

7th Jul 2007, 18:09

I would highly recommend the Toyota Tacoma. I've been down the same road you're on with a Chevy Blazer, Ford Ranger, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. I spent lots of time in the dealer for rattles, squeaks, failing transmission, AC units, and overall poor quality. I'm on my second Toyota, and the only time I've been to the dealer is for routine maintenance.

My 2005 Tacoma has 78K miles on it, and drives as good as the day I took it home with 12 miles on it. No rattles or quality issues. This truck is tough, drives great, looks great, and is very very reliable. I'm very sorry to say that I'll never buy another GM, Ford, or Chrysler vehicle. I can well understand why Toyota is outselling them. Go Toyota!

21st Oct 2009, 11:03

To the above 05 Tacoma owner. Have you checked your engine mounts. Major problems are developing in the 05 & 06 models. See the Tacoma forum for details.