1st May 2009, 23:15

This smells like a salvage car to me. Just guessing from all the electrical problems I'd guess water damage or a flood victim. Make sure you weren't hosed by the seller who sold you a salvage title.

22nd Aug 2009, 20:33

"I'd say this is a lemon."

No, it's just typical GM junk. After years of seeing domestics fail with as little as 30,000 miles sometimes, you'd think domestic owners would start to let go of the belief that America makes good vehicles.

23rd Aug 2009, 11:09

Yes, with all of the electrical problems, I would also say that this sounds like a flood vehicle. Some idiot drove it into a flooded underpass thinking they could make it, and trashed it. I think it was trashed when you got it, since it isn't that common for people to get rid of a vehicle that is only a couple of years old. They usually wait until their lease is up, or payments are done at 3-5 years. If you thought the dealer gave you an incredibly good deal --- too good to be true --- it was probably fished out of a swamp after Hurricane Katrina.

2nd Aug 2010, 04:54

I disagree, I owned a 2003 Chevy Venture and it had electrical problems from day 1, and I bought the wretched thing new. I was stuck with it for 7 years, and I can't even begin to list all the electrical parts that were replaced. Don't even think you are going to have headlights or brake lights; I burned those like it was going out of style along with the bulb sockets. I wanted to drive the thing into a bridge from day 1.

20th Mar 2015, 01:33

Well you think America doesn't make good cars. I have had Nissan, Kia, Hyundai, Subaru and Toyota; I will gladly take our American Chevy, Ford or Dodge JUNK as you call it any day, over the extreme, cheaply made import crap cars on the market - all day long.

The two worst I ever had were Kia and Hyundai - pure garbage.

The very best I have had were Oldsmobile and Chevys.

22nd Mar 2015, 17:04

I have a 2004 Silverado and it's had none of these issues. But it isn't a salvage or flood victim. I can track its history since it was new. I have replaced one left taillight bulb and it's now 2015. When I turn the key, it starts without touching the gas.

17th Aug 2015, 00:42

Or perhaps a vehicle assembled around 14h on a Friday before a long weekend.