22nd Mar 2008, 18:50

My 2005 Colorado had to have it's 3.5l vortex engine replaced at 40000 kms. Metal filings were found in the oil. The lobes on the camshaft were burnt and worn. Very troublesome. Most of the miles were very easy highway miles.

9th Nov 2008, 06:54

It seems a lot of folks got lemons when they bought the Colorado. I had not bought a GM vehicle since 1981, when I got a Grand Prix that would not run. After nearly 25 years, I thought I'd try GM again and bought 2005 I-5 Crew Cab Colorado.


Chewed up inside treads on both front tires after 5k miles. Dealer said I'd hit something. Paid for 1 hr GM shop time. The shop that did the alignment said no way and wrote a letter which the dealer refused to honor.

Left frt speaker went out. Dealer asked if I could prove that I hadn't played too loud? I had not, but bought aftermarket speaker and fixed it myself.

Left front power window was trying to stick about midway while moving up or down. Dealer asked if anyone had leaned on the window while it was partially raised? Removed door panel and found 5 or 6 loose screws and fixed it myself.

Other problems: I've replaced every light bulb at least twice. (Dealer finds nothing wrong) ; Idle air system messed up; Bed/third brake light won't seal (dealer replace gasket 3 times, I finally smeared RTV all over it) ; numerous parts have fallen off; poor gas mileage (roughly 1/2 what my old Dakota got) and it's noisy and uncomfortable. This will definitely be my last GM.

24th Feb 2009, 16:54

Transmission failure, rear end failure and not happy with the power? That could indicate abusive driving. Either that or its the lemon of all time.

20th Mar 2012, 13:31

Alright, I had BOTH trucks, an I-4 Ranger, and an I-5 (3500) Colorado.

And at 210k, my Ranger would out tow, out haul, and outrun the Chevy... and even with blown shocks, it still rode better too. That said, the Chevy outclasses the vastly out of date Ranger, the Chevy is the nicer to look at, but the Ranger is nicer to drive... so make sure you like those looks before you decide!