1989 Chevrolet Corsica CL 2.8 V6 Multi Port F1 from North America


Overall I give my Corsica a 10 out of 10 for being an outstanding car


On my Corsica only had the somewhat minor problems. The following things I only replaced on my Corsica: Front brakes, a hose (that connects to the engine to the heater), the power steering hose, gaskets for the engine and transmission (that leaked oil and transmission fluid), Headlight bulb, and replaced the turning switch. Which total up to be in $350 in repairs, which isn't bad for a 145K Corsica.

General Comments:

When I first bought at $650 I think of not touching it because the paint was peeling off, but when I first drove it I'm like oh my car the engine is great and it was loaded with power locks and windows. The dealer said that the car did not have any A/C, but it did to turn my luck around. It had new tires, hub cabs, and a new muffler. My car is so economical than my mom's 1992 Aerostar and 2000 Windstar combined. So I really got a great bargain for it. For now I'm just saving up for a new paint job as well as buying new rims for my Corsica known as my, "Whitelighter". I would never sell my Corsica to anyone or to my family considering I really love my car.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2003

1989 Chevrolet Corsica 2.8 muti port engine from North America


Very reliable and sporty car!


This car is a very good car. My mom bought the car back in 1989, she gave the car to me as my first car. I put 25 thousand miles on it in less than 4 months. We have had some problems with the car, could of prevented these problems, like at 90,000 miles we had a chipped cylinder head and an intake gasket go out, this was caused by overheating. At 110,000 miles I had to put all new injectors into the car, this was cause by a large amount of water in the gas tank.

General Comments:

Like I said this is a very good little car, haven't had one bit of problems out of it since the injectors. It always starts right up, no matter how cold or hot it maybe. I have also raced this car against many many other car's, it hangs in there pretty good. I would have to say I'am very happy with the 2.8 multi-port engine that comes in the 89 model. This car still runs perfect, which I am surprised because this is my first car and I know I have been really hard on it. This car can really take a beating and after the beating is done, it does not even faze the car, like I said 25,000 miles in less than 4 months is A lot of mile, and everyone of them mile's have been really hard on it. I wouldn't of choose another car for my first.

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Review Date: 2nd March, 2003

26th Dec 2007, 15:36

A 1989 Corsica was my first car too, and it really never had much problems, considering the same car was also my brother and my sister's first car, I definitely recommend this car to anyone who's thinking about getting they're kid's a first car.

1989 Chevrolet Corsica 4 Door 2.8 from North America


An average car and nothing more with reasonable running costs


Engine module (computer) 97,000 km.

Faulty brake pad (one) 120,000 km.

TCC solenoid 130,000 km. This is responsible for locking and unlocking the lockup on the automatic transmission. It caused the vehicle to buck and stall when coming to a stop and was particularly hard to diagnose.

Fuel line leak 120,000km.

Power steering hose 122,000 km.

General Comments:

Not a bad car, but not a great one either. Parts are reasonable, but servicing is not that easy. Acceleration is quite good with good gas mileage (30 mpg Imperial) to boot. Cheap materials on the inside and adequate seats. Handling is acceptable, brakes quite adequate for moderate driving.

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Review Date: 20th November, 2002

16th Apr 2004, 09:29

I like my corsica, but it does have its bad pionts. The power steering leaks and I have had to replace my oil pan. the transmission is now starting to go on me at 132,000 but all in all it's a good car with great acceleration.

1st Aug 2005, 10:48

Mine's overheating at 71000 miles, The mechanic repalced the radiator, thermistat, and temp. sending unit. Problem is even worse!

15th Sep 2005, 10:47

I posted the original review and this is an update.

The car now has 162,000 km. and is still going strong. Since the first review there have been no major problems except for replacement of the exhaust system. However, the oil pressure is a little on the low side, but oil consumption is only about a litre every 5000 km. The only other problem is that the fuel injectors tend to get dirty after about 500 km. of mostly low speed city driving. This is easily fixed by adding a bottle of injector cleaner from time to time. Overall, still not a bad car and worth keeping, even with a few minor scrapes and scratches.