29th May 2001, 13:33

I happen to think that the Corsica is an O.K. car. I bought mine with 170,000 and some odd miles on it. The only major things that went wrong with it was the alternator, the water pump, and the heater fan. It was all fixable for a reasonable amount of money. I drove that car until it had 191,XXX miles on it, then I sold it. I doubt that car will ever die. It was an '89 2.8 FI V6.

26th Jan 2002, 23:52

I have to agree that this car is not worth wasting money on. Sure, it accelerates great and is good on gas, but what good is that if it doesn't run? I bought mine 3 years ago at 120000km, and from the start it has had major leaking problems, the tape deck doesn't work, the paint is flaking off, it's very noisy when idling, I've had problems with it stalling persistently at stop lights, on and on and on. Stay away from this car if you possibly can.

13th Sep 2002, 01:00

I just want to start by saying that the Corsica is one of the best cars yet. I have about 170k on it and its still running strong as an '88 V6 LT. I'm thinking about fixing it up a little for performance reasons. There are only minor things that went wrong with the car like the alternator, ignition coils and paint. Yet there were all fixable at a good price. I have to agree that Chevy must have been loosing money with these cars because of their reliability. My '88 still has a lot of kick to it and it's an '88!

When I do decide to put money in this car I want to be able to find white side markers for it. I've looked everywhere for them.

Oh yeah, and for all of you Corsica owners, the junk yard is the perfect place to find cheap parts. All I did was replace a few parts which cost me some change, and with a little Armorall and degreaser, you'll have the part looking like new. The ground kit is soon to come for me. Until then, K&N air filters, octane boost and intake system and new paint job are in progress.

28th Dec 2002, 14:03

I have inherited my 1989 Corsica LTZ from my parents. Sure, the idle is a bit loud, but it has been a pretty good car. I recommend this car because of its power. For an inexpensive, economical car, it has a lot of power. The main problem with my car was its ignition coil, and it shot a spark plug, but those a inexpensive, fixable problems compared to the fun you can have in a Corsica.

2nd Mar 2003, 16:54

Well I also feel the need to stand up for the 89 Chevy Corsica. I own one, my mom gave it to me (and she bought it new back in 1989) for my first car, I got it at 100,000 mile's and it now has 125,000 on it, I put those mile's on it in less than 4 months and I do not live in a big city. Everyday I drive this car, it gets put to the test and never fails. You know, for a car to last, you have to keep up on it and show it a lot of tender loving care!

9th Mar 2003, 14:24

The 89 Corsica is a great car. I bought an 89 Corsica LTZ last month it had 85,000 miles on it. It is a nice quick car. it picks up speed really quick. the only problem I have is that water leaks onto the drivers side floor when it rains. when I get a nice day in the summer that problem will be fixed. For all you people that have had problems with them if you learned how to take good care of your car things like that would not be going wrong.

1st Apr 2003, 16:12

I just purchased a 89 Corsica to relieve my gas expenditures from driving my 99 dodge ram back and forth to work, I've had a lot of cars in my time from Corvettes to subaru's and I'm here to tell ya this Corsica is a sweet little car, decent fuel mileage and plenty of horsepower to propel this little buggy! I do all my own mechanical work on all my vehicles and this Chevy is inexpensive and a piece of cake to work on. Mine has 72k on it and I expect to get at least twice that if not more! Not bad for a measly 750.00 ;)

3rd May 2003, 22:24

I have an 89 LTZ corsica whats the Z stand for.

7th Jun 2003, 19:55

Hi, My name is Slim and I have got to tell you the story of my 2.0 liter strait four Corsica 1989. I bought it with 110k miles on it and I have been driving it for about 3 yrs now and WOW! It made a 20 hour round trip to Colorado springs going 110 Mph almost the whole way. Exclude electrical problems and the fact that the key comes out while it is running and you have a pretty good automobile for doing about everything. I'm feeling good about this purchase, because if it was a ford I would probably be dead by now.

28th Jun 2003, 12:42

Corsica is a great little car! mine was bought new in 1989 and now has 266,000 miles! The 2.8L V6 is very peppy & great on gas! All I can say about the car (like any car) is routine maintenance is a must! All the little complaints I hear are not the car's fault, it's your fault for not taking care of it! Except the psoriasis paint peel that a new paint job can't cure.

23rd Oct 2006, 16:47

Hi, my name is Cory. I have got an '89 Chevy Corsica, and I stand up for it because it's a durable car, and gets up and goes, but like a GMC car during the 80s, cheap primer and clear coat was used, and that caused the flakiness of the paint.

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