2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 5.7L V8 LS6 from North America


This car is rare, special, and simply amazing


No problems with the car.

It runs very well.

The engine is very strong and reliable.

The only things I had to change/fix:

- Column lockup bypass.

- Regular maintenance.

General Comments:

The car is the best bang for the buck. I completely love it.

Performance-wise, it's mind shattering. It's faster than the 05-07 LS2 C6 Corvettes, and about as fast as the LS3 C6 Corvette.

It handles excellent. All you have to do is lower it on stock bolts, and the car will perform and look even better.

The interior quality may seem to be lacking at first, but can easily be improved with better stereo and accessories.

The only way I would give up this car, is if I were to buy a brand new C6 Z06.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2011

2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 5.7 Gasoline from North America


Best trouble-free performance money can buy. Will haul groceries too!


Fuel filler hose replaced under the original warranty at 11000 miles. This is a common problem (some gas stations will shut off before the tank is full).

Headlight motor failed at 14000 miles. Replaced under extended warranty (non-warranty cost is about $600)

General Comments:

I track this car a fair bit (road course). There is nothing anywhere near the price range that can come close (assuming similar driver skill). Many 911 drivers have asked me what have I done to the engine only to find out I am running stock power.

You can spin your tires all the way into 3rd gear if you are into that sort of thing. The handling is very predictable and dare I say, user-friendly. The car gives you plenty of warning if you push it too hard and Active Handling will get you out of tough spots if you refuse to listen.

Only the most expensive Porsches, exotic supercars north of $150k, or dedicated race-only cars come close as far as performance goes (the new C6 Z06 is, of course, 100 HP faster). This is not bragging or magazine numbers speculation. This is what I have observed in the years I have been tracking the car.

For everyday driving the car works well. The seats are comfortable during long rides, the interior is functional (although a bit plasticy). The trunk is surprisingly spacious. In normal town driving the car is quite civil - as long as you stay in high gear and under 2k RPM, it feels almost like a family sedan. The suspension is a little stiff going over bumps and such. It does not bother me that much, and you can always drop a few psi of tire pressure to somewhat mitigate that.

I do spend quite a bit on normal track wear items (brakes, tires, fluids). I do most of the work myself so the expenses are not too bad.

I did upgrade my shocks to 2004 Z06 model ones, it improves tracking over the rough pavement. The drive train has been trouble free even though I use every bit of it.

Heads-up display is an amazing feature, I have no idea why they don't put that in every car on the road.

Word of advice to the owners (or future owners) - avoid lowering the car, it does interfere with the handling. Stock ride height is what the suspension is tuned for.

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Review Date: 8th September, 2007

25th Nov 2007, 03:54

I totally agree with the interior of the corvette. Awesome car for the money, but to share a radio, door handles and other parts with a caviler and malibu... no good. The corvette is exclusive, built in its own plant, so also the interior should be exclusive to the Vette. But, that's the only way to keep the cost where it is.

2003 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 350 CID from North America


Corvettes are not for the faint-hearted


At a heavily attended corporate golf scramble, the rear deck, which contained my clubs, wouldn't open. First and last time it's happened. The timing was world class.

General Comments:

Corvettes are THE working-class dream car, so they elicit a lot of emotion, good and bad. No matter one's perception, this is an excellent, well-engineered, incredibly quick vehicle. It personifies the now defunct red-blooded American vehicle: Built in America, by Americans, for Americans. It takes a strong sense of self to drive one, so I understand the skepticism which has dogged the car it's entire 53 years of production.

The engine builds up RPMs so quick, one has to work hard to stay ahead of the rev limiter. The first time I ran this one through the gears, I hit the limiter bang, bang, and yes, bang. The first three gears - I couldn't believe it - just a smidgen below red line each time.

I also have a luxury car with a fairly snazzy interior, so I understand the difference between it and the Corvette. GM spends the money on mechanical engineering in the Corvette - not on creature comforts. Much of that engineering then crosses platforms to other makes and models, and then eventually makes it's way to Europe.

Chevrolet pioneered hydro-formed frame rails, which makes the Corvette chassis incredibly stiff and rattle free. Many other GM models now share that technology, and I'm seeing it mentioned in import ads as well, now, several years later.

Another example, one of many, is the magnetic shock absorber suspension. The Z06 is a factory race car so doesn't have that option, but it does have aluminum A frames, a titanium hood as well as exhaust. Oh, and the HUD, head-up display. I first experienced it on my '99 Coupe. I really miss that when driving my crossover.

When it's all said and done, the Corvette is very satisfying to own and drive. Except in the worst winter weather, I drive it every day to work and park it in the company garage. Rowing the gears early in the morning is an absolute rush. What a way to ease into the office.

For the many nay sayers I saw commenting on one post, the Corvette is what it is. No aficionado ever says otherwise. But, the auto rags say plenty. Read 'em.

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Review Date: 5th April, 2007