27th Feb 2012, 08:29

Another comment on newer gen. Vettes, that I have an issue with, is the gel battery cost. You certainly do not want a liquid battery killing the computer underneath with a huge bill. The gel batteries I have had lasted a couple of years. Since there are a dozen computers in the Corvette, without a battery maintainer, it's an issue. If the car is driven more than every couple weeks, it's usually not an issue. But it's a great car, although some items are up there cost wise.

1st Nov 2016, 02:35

If you buy a 4 LT Grand Sport, you get the great interior great steering wheel and complete leather. And all options. But it is a very expensive option.

Manual trans is the way to go. You get a hand built engine vs an automatic. Driving with the manual is far more fun. Also the very desirable dry sump system with 10 1/2 quarts with the manual vs 6 quarts. The battery in the manual trans is relocated in the rear. I like the short throw smooth shifter.

Tires last 20k miles. The car has massive tires and is lower and wider than a standard model. Plan on frequent alignments for tire longevity.

Driving on twisting back roads is the best part of ownership. The grip and braking are great.

I pulled the bottom fuse and have all my exhaust baffles all opened on wild mode. You can buy a switch. Mild to wild. Normally they do not all open except above 3000 RPM. I like them open all the time. When you shift into 6th car the car is almost idling on the interstate. With Sirius and Onstar and heads up display it is quite an experience. I can even check my tire pressure on my cell. It's even cool starting the car and you are greeted on the dash display.

You only live once, and it's a big reward to work hard and have fun with these cars.

2nd Nov 2016, 03:46

These are more than a sports car today. The late model Grand Sports and Z06 are truly in the super car category, with cars worldwide costing 2-3 times as much. They are within reach of an average individual. You may have to set aside and save for some time. But it's totally possible. The incredible driving experience alone will help keep you out of the doctor's office and off a couch on weekends. The cars are great for a car club experience. Driving to destinations, cruises and shows. It is Anerica's 2 seat sports car along with the Viper models, that holds up very well against European counterparts. And very enviable maintenance costs in comparison. Some areas of life have something worth a single splurge. This is one of them. A nice roof over your head is another.

7th Nov 2016, 17:14

Cool remedy! The next time that I'm sick with the flu, I'll hop right in a Vette and go for a spin that will make me feel better with no doctor's office bills.

7th Nov 2016, 20:30

I was proactive. I bought 4 of them before catching any flu. It can be other cars Porsche, Ferrari etc, any number of sports cars. Most weekends including last weekend I was at car shows. Cooler weather, being outdoors, walking around, being active is far healthier than laying on a couch. Many of the owners are over 55. If not the car thing, try a road bicycle doing 100 miles if able, hitting the gym etc. Beats getting sick with the flu with a weakened immune system. Try it! By the way, your doctor, male or female, may own a new Corvette. It's very common.

8th Nov 2016, 23:49

If you buy a convertible, you get increased natural Vitamin D from the sun. Endorphins increased to relieve stress. Better mental concentration with increased eye, hand, heel and toe reaction. Increased circulation from the exhilaration of changing the various driving modes. Body stretches entering and exiting the very low seating entry. Lastly the pleasure and satisfaction of accomplishment actually owning one. Sounds healthy to us. This car is certainly quite accessible to the middle class buyer cost wise. It may require hard work and saving, but it's within reach vs other true supercars. Good luck! Stay well!