17th Apr 2004, 04:14

I also just purchased an 84 Vette. The fortunate thing for me was it had been reasonably well taken car of. By obtaining it for a reasonable price it allowed me to completely change out and upgrade ignition and steering components. With extra wide tires all around that are less than 2000 miles old it also makes a difference. The interior of the car is in fantastic shape and a shampoo of the carpet/fabric area of the vehicle really brought it up. Treatment of the leather seats with a dubbin compound made the leather more pliable. My vehicle was bought for summer fun and the pleasure of working on something special. I thoroughly enjoy it.

Gary (Owen Sound)

9th Dec 2004, 09:48

I just purchased an 84 Corvette. Has anyone had trouble with Crossfire? A friend told me that I would. What is the fix for it? My car looks fantastic and has new tires and paint and only 39000 miles. The price was real cheap. I am tickled pink. Please advise. mrjmhodge@yahoo.com.

12th May 2006, 12:24

I have an 84 Vet and have a squeak in the left rear end, It sounds like it is coming from the taillight area. It can be stopped by pressing in on either of the left taillights. My Vet mechanic tried to fix it, but he is now saying he will have to take the rear bumper off the get at the proble. Anyone had this occur? Any way to avoid taking off the rear bumper?



2nd May 2009, 11:01

I own a 1984 Corvette with the crossfire engine. Throughout fourteen years of ownership, I have never had a problem with the engine. People who warn others about the crossfire have little or no actual experience with them. This set up is very dependable. I have over 160,000 miles on the car.

6th Dec 2009, 16:43

The 84 Corvette was the first year for the new C4 Body style. It was like all first year models, not without its faults.

The Crossfire system is as reliable as any other if taken care of. Keeping the throttle bodies clean and changing the fuel filter when the service manual requires.

The ride is HARSH, and squeaks and rattles come with these cars, especially as they age.

The Z51 package, which half were built with, is not for sissies. The steering is quick and the ride as stated is harsh. This option was built for one purpose, to out handle ALL foreign sports cars costing two to three times as much. Dave Mccleanen and his team were successful in accomplishing that task as the 84 Z51 out handled Porsche and Ferrari that year. In fact the first C4s were so good they were banned from racing. Chevrolet had to build their own cars to race among themselves called Corvette challenge cars.

The 84 and other C4s are expensive to repair. Parts are very expensive and some are hard to come by. The 84 is the stiffest, but one of the best Corvettes ever built handling wise. It's not a car for those who want a decent ride and need it as their main source of transportation.

Interior parts are extremely expensive and many require changing as some of these cars are 25 years and older. If you want a nice comfy ride and good gas mileage, Nissan, Mitsubishi and Toyota make some nice sports cars. If want to have a lot of fun, enjoy the looks and love the roar of a big American V8, any C4 won't disappoint.

8th Dec 2009, 16:11

I have a 1984 Corvette and have owned it since 1988 with little or no problems at all. I purchased the louvered hood, painted it a deep custom red color and placed custom rims on it. Got lots of looks but wasn't completely satisfied with the power. It was okay with the power, but I always wanted more, yet wanted to keep the crossfire.

Now I have done it, it is now at Corvette Mike's in Anahiem CA. being turned into a 383 stroker and keeping the crossfire. Can't wait to get it back. They have done about four 1984 Vettes and they are fast. My buddy got his back and it really blew me away with the torque and speed.

1st Jun 2010, 15:50

Nothing at this time.

27th Sep 2010, 21:54

I just got an 84 Corvette, and it has a misfire. The mechanic opened the engine, and is going to replace all the seals inside. I'm hoping too that is going to resolve the problem.