1984 Chevrolet Corvette Gas from North America


Good car for the dollar


Clothe seat on driver side is worn badly.

Paint on lower portion of rear bumper is starting to blister.

General Comments:

Basically, the car runs like a bear.

As for speed, you can get to 120 easily, and it is good on gas. Took it on a trip once, and used the cruise control often, and averaged about 24.6 miles to a gallon.

I am 66 years old, and still love this car. Owned it since 1988. For the dollar, you can't beat it. And that statement fits the newer vets best car for the dollar.

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2010

1984 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe 5.7 liter from North America


The car ya always wanted, but could never afford


Needed tune-up... Multiple sensor codes on the ECM.

General Comments:

1984 Greenwood Corvette... nuff said... what's even better in this bad economy I only paid 2500.00 for the car and it runs very fast!!!

Needs a few things, but it's my dream car and will be with me till I take a dirt nap haha!!!

I love this car and recommend it to anyone if ya can get a deal like I did. For this money it ain't perfect... needs some interior work and a new top, but that's about it... But for 25 beans I don't care if it costs another 10, this car's gonna look like it did in 84, and at 44 years old I may use it for a casket LOL!!

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Review Date: 13th March, 2009

1st Mar 2017, 17:57

When I pulled a pen out and wrote a 73,000 dollar check on a new one, there were no casket thoughts whatsoever.

2nd Mar 2017, 18:12

In a way that makes sense. They say a Corvette is capable of keeping individuals out of the doctor's office, which would reduce the chance of being in a casket at an early age.

3rd Mar 2017, 16:43

Any very highly positive new car purchase can have the exact same effect. It can be any brand. I'd much rather have a great, highly positive car and driving experience. In turn, I could sit all day in a bar, casino or have detrimental pastimes to deteriorate both my health and wallet. I like putting the top down and drive and then jog in the park. I can't wait to drive my cars. My daily everyday commuter just doesn't get me feeling all that great. But if it gets dented, vandalized or deteriorates with the sun, rain and elements, it just serves a basic utility driven only purpose.

3rd Mar 2017, 19:52

I own a new Corvette and am not poster 18:12. He is back again from other posts. Wonder what kind of car he really owns?

3rd Mar 2017, 21:10

Really? In order for someone to make a Vette comment they have to own one? People on here post comments on the brand I drive and it doesn't bother me one bit. You'll get over it. At least this time the Vette comments are on a Vette thread. My 2 cents.

4th Mar 2017, 12:36

No but he's repeating my exact verbatim words over and over again on many posts. If he doesn't have one, how can you make the claim? I would be very much interested in what car he does own. Is it a big secret? I am only asking if you comment on a car use your own opinion/ description. Corvettes are great cars and a lot of fun. Hope everyone who is fortunate to own one at some point in their lives will agree. Or any other sports car. Keeps you young!

1984 Chevrolet Corvette from North America


It's not a car, it's a Corvette


Manifold gasket, electrical issues.

General Comments:

First of all when you buy a older Corvette, you are buying a car which requires high maintenance. This is not a run to work and play car. It just for play.

It rides harsh especially with Z51 performance suspension.

The Crossfire system gets a bum rap, as it is dependable, but not the fastest Corvette ever built. It was fast in 1984, but by todays standards it is not, so if you're buying this car to beat people at traffic lights, look to a newer Mustang or other 90s performance vehicle.

Its handling is race car, pure and simple. It gives you a feel no other American or Foreign car can duplicate. And I mean it when I say NO. It's a ball to drive and the 84 has the spirit of C1, C2 and C3 built into it, but it does handle better than any of those mentioned.

It's a sports car in every sense of the word regardless of auto or standard. It better than a Porsche, Z, or any other sporty car from this era.

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Review Date: 19th July, 2008