1984 Chevrolet Corvette coupe 350 from North America




Check engine light comes on.

General Comments:

The 1984 Corvette is not for the faint of heart. It's a true sports car in every sense of the word. It rides harsh and is difficult to exit and enter. However its all worth the trouble along with the poor gas mileage once you drive it. It handles like no other car on the road. Its quick steering and road gripping is amazing. This is a 24 year old car, but will out handle most of the current sports cars built today. Its g force in 1984 surpassed Porsche and Ferrari and will not diappoint by todays standards. Its just a thrill to drive.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2007

23rd May 2008, 19:01

How come you gave the car a 1/10 for running costs? You didn't mention anything that has gone wrong, and as I plan on buying an 84 Vette, I'm curious as to what has gone wrong with yours. Thanks


25th May 2008, 05:28

Hold out for a 1998 or newer used... well worth the wait for performance.

1984 Chevrolet Corvette Coupe Z-51 5.7 Crossfire from North America


The Only American Sports car!!!


This car has been excellent. Just recently, replaced the front pads and rotors (stainless), cooling fan relay switch, battery. All normal routine maintenance considering a 20 year old car. A year ago, I replaced the water pump only due to mild scaling on the exterior. When I first took ownership, it had a small pin-hole leak in the radiator, replaced with factory AC 4 core and has actually improved cooling.

General Comments:

The car is tremendous. My father has had many vette's, 1963 S/R, 1974 S/R, and his last; 1992 LT1. I really think the '84 is very close in performance to the '92 after driving both. The '92 has a more "comfortable" and softer ride, however, it lacks the rigid cornering characteristics of the '84. I prefer the handling of my 20 year old "antique" to his 300 H.P. pavement pounder!!!.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2006

8th Jul 2007, 01:41

There is NO such thing as a 1983 Corvette. The new body style wasn't ready for a 1983 debut. GM introduced the C4 Corvette in 1984. Your car may have a 1983 production date, but it IS a 1984 C4 or a 1982 C3. Probably a type error huu. I had a 87 and miss it so. I still show off the pictures. Sold it for a Porshe 944 and now I have a clean little RX7 and I love everything except the 15 M.P.G. Corvette got almost 10 M.P.G. better. Good luck with your Vette, I'm envious. I should have NEVER sold mine. Next is a C5, around a 2000-2004.

5th Mar 2009, 03:02

Yes, that's right!... there was no such thing as a "1983" Corvette. The 1982 model year jumped straight to the 1984 model year, and so 1983 was skipped, even though there was no interruption in actual production.

31st Jan 2015, 07:40

There actually is a 1983 Vette. There is one and it is at the Corvette museum.

29th Dec 2020, 07:19

These critics are incorrect They misunderstand the "date of manufacture" question. It literally asks for the date the car was made, and NOT the model year. So "1983" is correct even though it's an 84 model year.

This difference is not unusual. Most American cars have several months of production in the year prior to the model year. It's been this way for decades.

1984 Chevrolet Corvette targa Crossfire Injection from Italy


Dealer promised to change all doors and roof gaskets, and after 3 years I had to order them for $600.

Some interior lights had to be replaced.

This year radiator started to lose coolant liquid making the engine to blow on warm days like a hot soup.

Brakes need to be checked.

Alternator does not work properly.

General Comments:

Same old story. You buy a used car from a 100 tooth smile dealer and seems it never ends surprising your wallet. After all it's an old one and who knows what had been changed or modified to make it look new.

But oh well, that's how it is with used bergains.

After all it's a great sport classic car still able to catch attentions from anywhere (expecially women) affordable with a reasonable price, even if those 80s low performance engines should be replaced with something new.

I think this is one of the slowest Corvettes because of the old Crossfire Injection (from 79 to 86 I guess) but still kicks ass!

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Review Date: 12th August, 2004

23rd Dec 2005, 12:22

I am not being disrespectful of the first comment, but the cross-fire was used in 1982 and 1984 (no 1983s were made due to design problems for using a V8). To the review writer- the 1984 is the slowest of the C4s with only 205HP and 290 FT/LBS. My father raced me with his 1971 vette with 270HP+ (his is slightly tuned. My 1984 vette flew past him without a problem. By the way it is stock!

The 1984 was the first corvette to be called a super car. With it's 49/51 weight it handled better than any corvette before it and with the Z51 package you were sure to have one of the best handling cars in the world- even by today's standards.