13th Jul 2007, 22:32

Does anyone have, or know where I can find an engine for my 84 corvette, the L83 350 crossfire, thanks.

11th Jul 2008, 03:07

I recently bought an '84 Targa; silver, crossfire injection...is that? I haven't driven. I traded it for a '65 C10 longbed. I'm bowtie. Anyhow, I'll let you people know what an '84 Targa is like...tomorrow!

26th Sep 2008, 10:50

I only came to this site to find if someone could help me understand why my son's 84 Crossfire 350 dies out the way it does? It starts fine, idles out OK, but then just dies to a stop. It restarts OK, only to repeat itself over again in the same way.

We've replaced the magnet in the distributor, changed the electronic ignition module, reset the timing, reset the throttle bodies in sync, new spark plugs/wires. It's not a starting problem. All I can think of is must be something in the computer, but I'm not sure. I don't have any way to analyze it.

26th Sep 2008, 16:20

I doubt it is computer related. I would suspect something with the fuel delivery system. If the problem was ignition related, it the symptoms would probably appear at all times.

IF (I do not know this for sure) the crossfire injection system is like GM's throttle body injection system, the vehicle does not have a fuel pressure regulator (but pulse width modulates the rate of fuel flow at the injectors) so that being the culprit is probably out.

I would rather suspect a problem with the fuel pump - e.g., perhaps it can generate enough pressure to prime the system enough to start the engine, but not maintain it enough to keep it running.

Does the engine sputter and die, or cut out all at once? If it sputters and dies, I would say it is all the more likely a fuel anomaly.

Another strong possibility is the fuel filter. Again, you might be able to push enough fuel through to prime the system, but a clogged filter is obstructing flow. Once the engine starts and the initial pressure from the prime disappears from the injectors opening, she stalls.

The fuel filter is a maintenance item anyway, so it will do you absolutely no harm to just go ahead and replace that without any further diagnosis and see if it solves the problem.

If it does not, I would look into the fuel pump.

29th Mar 2009, 19:52

My 84 Corvette occasionally (1 to 3 times per month) starts OK, but when I put it in gear, it dies out. I have to crank it several times and pump the gas to keep it running. After a minute or two it runs OK. Seems like it happens when the engine is cold. I also think it is a problem with the fuel pump, but haven't gotten around to replacing it yet.

25th Apr 2009, 22:39

I bought Corvette 1984 with cross fire engine, but I don't know if this car has fuel injection or not? I cannot make the engine running. Does this car have an electric fuel pump or manual?

But the engine runs with engine start spray.

14th Sep 2009, 10:12

My 1984 un-modified Corvette just started leaking gasoline from around the top of the tank... after I slowly drove over a huge "speed bump." Anybody else experience this? Know the cause or cure? I just read the recalls and saw there was a rear axle problem where new "retaining kits" had to be installed. Seems to have been some sort of flexing problem that caused this, as there are no "scrapes" in the undercarriage.

Any advice on how to access the top of the tank? Looks hard to drop the tank. Anyone know if removing the area around the filler cap accesses this area?

15th Sep 2009, 05:57

Try running half full only. I only burn 1 tank a month in mine to go to local shows etc. I had a boat, same issue, it expands out the vents and leaks. Filled less, no issues.

26th Oct 2009, 22:21

I had the same problem with my '84 Crossfire engine. It gradually got worse and then wouldn't start at all. Turned out to be fuel pump failure. If you're handy, you can replace it yourself. It will cost between $85 and $110 for the pump and about $18 for the pickup strainer. You might have to change to a upgraded wiring harness. If a shop does the work it's about $200 labor.

28th Oct 2009, 22:20

I have a 84 Vette that is really nice. I bought it 3 years ago. I'm really not impressed with the power. What would a person have to do to put a high performance engine in it? I would like it have more power, but not to the point that it vibrates the car apart.

1st Jun 2010, 15:23

I have a 1984 Corvette, crossfire injected. The problem I am having is, it's hard starting, runs rough, stalls out. When I push the gas pedal to the floor, the car bodges down, and sometimes backfires, and stalls out. Don't know what the problem is. Anyone have any solutions? Thank you.

16th Aug 2010, 10:24

I would check the EGR.

26th Aug 2010, 19:33

I have a guy that want to trade his 1984 targa Corvette for my 1980 Corvette. I am asking $7500. would I be stupid to make such a trade? Mine has 79,900 miles on it and is clean as a whistle, always in the garage.

4th Sep 2010, 20:08

I too have an 84 Corvette, and I too want more horsepower.

8th Sep 2010, 16:27

Spitting and sputtering when you try to give it gas sounds like a lack of fuel, check your filter. And whoever said on here that a pump is 80 dollars with 200 labor is mistaken. I bought my pump at Autozone for right at 50, and took the pump out of the tank in about 10 minutes. It lifts right out of the back. You can get a lot more power out of these engines by letting them breath, more in, more out. Less exhaust restriction (high-flow cat and new muffler). You can port the intake on these cars too for about 15 to 25 more horses, as well as an increase in torque. These motors were purposely restricted to make the later tuned port Vettes look that much better.

Anyone with ANY Crossfire Corvette questions check out http://crossfireinj.5.forumer.com/

Packed with questions/answers, problems and solutions!!

6th Oct 2010, 15:59

How do you remove the fuel pump on an 84 Vette?

15th Feb 2012, 22:45

Maybe something simple like the fuel filter.

16th Oct 2012, 00:45

Don't LOL, but try your fuses for a few things on the passenger side. I had the same problem :) Trust me, Vetteman.

17th May 2013, 04:35

"44 Corvettes were manufactured with a 1983 Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), but none were released to the public as official production vehicles."

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chevrolet_Corvette_(C4)

There were 1983 Corvettes, and last I checked there is 12 months in a year. So when someone states his 1984 Corvette was manufactured in 1983, he's probably right!

20th May 2013, 14:04

I would much rather have the 1980. And 4 speeds especially. I have owned 5 Corvettes. Before sinking any sizable money in this, I would hold off and save for a C5 1998 up (second year). Bulletproof drive train and an outstanding car. People buy cheap and think it's great as they have a Corvette. It's far better to buy a more expensive nice example. They figure to restore as they go. Buy it, and it escalates quickly when paint, engine etc needs work. And even when done, what value do you really have in an 84?

Earlier C3 Chrome Bumpers are hot... 4 speed cars, convertibles, but I stayed away from this one. I had a 74 Convertible 4 Speed and it was very rare and was an exception on that comment. But they have dipped lately. Save for a C5.

Later C4s value diminished with C5s as well. Digital dash, electric issues, and leaks is why I waited. You learn over time hopefully. My favorite picks today as far as year only, not so much rarity or options, are 67, 62, 63, 57, 70, and I'm on a waiting list for a 2014.

Good luck.