7th Jan 2021, 05:13

There was never a 1983 Corvette. Meaning you couldn’t own or tag for the road. There were parts like engines made, but not a car. Lastly the other true American sports car was the Viper made in the USA. A lot more money, but it qualifies.

8th Jan 2021, 17:22

"but not a car" Yes there was. A certain number were manufactured in 1983 using th C4 body and drivetrain. They were used for tests and all but 1 were destroyed. The only one in existence resides in a Corvette museum.

8th Jan 2021, 22:21

So again, no 1983 was ever produced for public cars. No different than many other concept cars that never could be titled for the street. If you have a promo model 1983 on your shelf, it’s worth money. I know of 1. The guy owns 30 Corvettes at his home.

9th Jan 2021, 18:13

The only 1983 Corvette left is at the national Corvette museum.

9th Jan 2021, 18:18

Right on. Thanks for re-proving my point. My words of "used for tests" then being "destroyed" and yours "never could be titled for the street" pretty much sum up the same meaning.

11th Jan 2021, 13:06

So let’s not keep harping on a car the public cannot ever buy. Never be able to title or register. Then or today. Find a 53-82, skip, then buy 84 to present. That will keep you busy. That’s what I did owning multiple gens for years.

12th Jan 2021, 20:49

Nobody "harping" here. Just making a correction to your earlier comment of "not an actual car"; if you don't want to "harp" about it, then why would you post 5:13 in the first place?

13th Jan 2021, 18:21

How do you know he or she made that comment?

13th Jan 2021, 19:35

Because I found not buy a new one then.

14th Jan 2021, 04:55

Correct, there were actual cars built, 43 to be exact. One is in the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green KY. The rest were used for evaluations and tests before not meeting EPA, then destroyed. Maybe the comment writer who disagrees may have mis-typed an error.

15th Jan 2021, 01:25

This is getting really old. Let’s all get in our Corvettes and look at one in a museum.

15th Jan 2021, 03:34

Well, for starters the comment below yours explains whatever the reason means.

16th Jan 2021, 03:15

If I shop and nothing is available, I move on.

17th Jan 2021, 20:03

And in the end your original comment 5:13 says nothing about your car shopping and moving on if nothing is available.

You need a ladder, but keep taking a shovel.

20th Jan 2021, 17:02

I wasn’t shopping for yard tools, rakes or shovels. I was shopping for a 1983 new Corvette. Since there was none that year available, I bought a 1982. I got invited to the 40th Anniversary Corvette Ride and Drive. Fun day driving a number of Corvettes, convertibles and coupes. Slalom, wetting a improvised track, trying ABS switched on and off. Was in Street Road in Philadelphia. That put me into 2 that decade with more to follow.