12th Oct 2006, 14:54

I have a '06 Epica LTZ which I love or should I say loved until it had 900 kms on it. Which is when the problems occurred. It started by stalling on start up, then shifting hard into 1st gear if I didn't come to a complete stop... leaving me wondering if I had left the transmission on the road behind me. Now the problem added to the list is that on acceleration the car just dies. When going from 80 - 100 it'll jerk and sputter and shake and then just die.. the lights coming on in the dash and dead!!! This is not so good as the last 7 times it happened at the point of merging onto a major 400 series highway. I've taken it back to the dealer 4 times now and amazingly enough they find nothing wrong because of course it doesn't happen when they drive it... well I drive it daily and it happens to me and I DON'T LIKE IT.

6th Dec 2006, 15:10

I have had my Epica since March '05, it currently has 38000km. Just like the majority of respondents I have similar problems with shifting, engine lights etc. I have had my Epica in the dealership 4 separate occasions to fix problems. The shifting problem had to be taken in twice since they said they fixed it and then two weeks later same problem. It has been 6 months and have yet to have a further problem. My thinking is that the last mechanic knew what he was doing and fixed things that I never realized were wrong and told me about it after.

17th Feb 2007, 05:39

I have just recently purchased a 2005 Chev Epica LT, I have found the same problems with the jerking, like the car can't find the gear it wants to stay in, but I have also noticed that as long as my traction control (TCS) is turned off I have no problems with jerking anymore.. other than that I have not had any other complaints at this point.

22nd Feb 2007, 15:17

I am the owner of a 2004 Epica with 36000kms. Just recently found out that the current book value is only $8400. Go figure. My experience has been a nightmare. We have had brakes replaced 4 times with rotors turned, brake light switch replaced, engine cradle replaced, the same erratic shifting with no cure for the problem, the paint is chipping off the door handles, and the list could go on. Haven't had a problems with O2 sensor yet, that will be next I guess. Good reason they aren't available anymore. GM says that's what the warranty is for. Will definitely not purchase a GM product again...

21st Nov 2007, 06:29

I own EPICA LT model which was brought from Doha Showroom. As we were Chevy fan we had already Lumina which is quite OK. But the New EPICA LT has given more problems than comfort. It has Gear Shift problem landing us several times in parking bay and struggling to engage in reverse gear. Already once battery has been, but this is the second time that we had to call road side assistance for towing our vehicle due to non starting of engine, after filling gas in the station. My wife along 2 year old son suffered due to this till it took Road side assistance to reach only after 2-3 hours. And yes now GM products are not in my buying list.

2nd Aug 2009, 23:03

I have owned my 2005 Epica for about a year and a half and it as it was a leased car before I owned it. Turns out the person brought it back to upgrade, but I wonder now. I initially bought it as I was impressed by the features in the car for the price. I since have found many problems with the car that I find annoying.

Since owing it I have had to replace wheel bearing three times, brakes twice as it is very hard on brakes, and have experienced the same jerky shifting and loss of power where I have to drive for a couple of blocks at times until it finally gets going. Not easy to do when you are on the on ramp onto a highway when it decides to do this.

I have had the O2 sensor replaced twice, and the dealer is still trying to find out the problem as the O2 sensor did little to fix the loss of power problem. It has been into the shop now four times in the last three weeks because they supposedly fix the problem, and next day the check engine light is on and the power drops out.

All I can say is thank god I shelled out the cash for an extended warranty, as I have now amassed over $4000 in cost trying to solve this problem, as well as a few thousands fixing the wheel bearing and other related problems I have had with the car. It probably would be cheaper for GM to buy the car back as I still have 60K left on the warranty.

Just as a sidebar there are about 6 Epicas in the area where I live, as the local dealer brought in a large shipment around the time I bought mine. 5 of us all know each other as it is a unique car. In talking with the other 4 owners, none are overly happy with the way the car performs and have had very similar problems to the ones I have experienced. This tells me that mine is not an isolated case, and that there are definite problems with the car when all five, and those I have read on this page, are all having similar problems.

Finally my dealer admits that GM know longer supports the car as they have stopped making it. Similar to Microsoft when they stop supporting certain versions of Windows. They will repair them, but do not really put any time or money into trying to diagnose how to improve or correct problems with the car, or maintain a database on problems with the Epica and solutions to those problems for mechanics to follow as they do with other model of cars. Most time the mechanics are blind while solving the problems, and many have no experience on working on them as there are not a whole lot on the road.

22nd Apr 2010, 08:28

My 2005 Epica has the jerking as already mentioned, but I'm calling it fuel lag.

Rust on opera window frames.

Check engine light does not go on for this problem, but is in good order.

I put 96000 km on the car before the "jerking" or "fuel lag" started.

Taking it in tomorrow.

Also, it took about 2 years of repeated attempts to get the key to start the car promptly. Had to wait for engine to cool before the key would work. Spent many hours sitting in the car with the hood up. Finally it was fixed, and is OK now.

22nd Jun 2010, 10:33

We own a 2005 Epica, and almost from the start we have had computer code problems. Sometimes the engine light comes on - then followed by the car stalling. This stalling happens periodically without warning - great when you're on a bridge or busy traffic. We have had the car repeatedly in (like 15 or 20 times) for this problem. We can go months, or sometimes just weeks, and it happens. We just got the car back today after their testing it for a week. Of course the car did not stall. Today they reloaded the computer into the car. We can't wait to see how long it takes before it stalls again. We love the look of the car, but now feel worried every time we're on the highway.