2008 Chevrolet Equinox LT 3.4 from North America


Love it, it ended our love affair with VW


The key got stuck in the ignition twice. Wiper wash froze/broke. That's it.

General Comments:

This SUV is an excellent vehicle, especially for our young family. It is a strong vehicle with a great ride. 5 star safety, and absolutely the most rear leg room of any vehicle out there, our favorite feature. My wife can climb back and join the kids with ease. We have the smaller 3.4 engine, it is a horse, strong and fast. The vehicle is very comfortable. Also we especially like the higher ride. Generally we love the style, inside and out. Our dealer, Del in suburban Philly, has been tops.

One gripe: we only get 16/23 MPG (AWD), but for a SUV, it's pretty good.

Recommendations: Hanger hooks inside the doors, auto-climate option; brakes are adequate, but would prefer stronger. Looks like the 2010 version gets much better mileage, but they may have shortened the rear leg room. I hope not.

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Review Date: 24th March, 2009

8th Dec 2010, 16:55

The newer version of this car with a ecotec (spelling?) 4cyl motor gets fuel mileage in the upper 20s in mixed family driving... If you don't live where there's snow, you can get the 30mpg 2 wheel drive unit :-)

9th Dec 2010, 17:40

"If you don't live where there's snow, you can get the 30mpg 2 wheel drive unit :-) "

Even if you do live where it snows, you can still get the 30 MPG 2WD model so long as it's front-wheel drive. It's not all-wheel drive that gets through a snowstorm, it's just a good set of tires, momentum and driving skill.

11th Dec 2010, 10:38

Very true. We never waste our money on 4-wheel drive, because we seldom get snow where we live, and it is not necessary. My wife is a medical professional, and an excellent driver, and her 2-wheel drive GMC Envoy is better in snow than any of our cars, including our front-drive midsize sedan. We have had two fairly deep snows since buying the Envoy, and it has performed great in the snow with just rear drive. And yes, it's the driver's skill, not the car's traction, that makes all the difference.

4th Feb 2013, 07:10

Wrong. I live outside of Syracuse, one of the snowiest "metropolitan" areas in US, and AWD or 4-W drive does help. I can make it make up it hills and around corners in my Subaru that my wife's front wheel drive Honda can't. We recently moved into a new house with a much steeper driver way, and already she has had to park on the road for me to shovel, sand and salt the driveway before she could get up after 4-5 inches of snow. Mileage is lousy though. AWD does not help with stopping whatsoever, and a great set of snow tires go along way here.